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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 1.7 "Echoes"

Echoes.jpgLast we saw Ballard he was suspended from duty over the officer shooting. Now he's playing house (or trying to) with Mellie.

We see Adelle offer Caroline/Echo her life for... her life. Five years with the dollhouse and then she'll be free (supposedly). She makes reference to the Rossum Corporation.

Off to the local college where one of the student has gone a bit psychotic... in the Rossum Building.

Clive Ambrose of the Rossum Corporation wants Adelle to put an army of actives on finding the missing vial of an experimental drug. The drug attacks the inhibitors in the hippocampus of the brain, releasing repressed memories and such.

Echo is imprinted with the persona of Alice and goes back on another outing with Matt, the guy she raced bikes with in the first ep (isn't eharmony cheaper?) While she's with Matt, she happens on a news clip of the campus outbreak. She flickers/misfires on something she sees and decides she needs to go help them and leaves Matt behind - tied to the bed. Hope you didn't drink a lot of water beforehand, buddy.

Mellie and Ballard have their first argument. She wants him to drop the Dollhouse case. He's suspended, what's the point of investigating? But Ballard can't.

Victor and Sierra are sent in as the actives with Dominic. Victor (kinda cute in a suit!) is NSA and outranks Dominic on this outing. Hah! So Dom has to take Victor's lead. Dom curses Topher under his breath - I think we all do.

Mellie is brought into the Dollhouse so that Topher can inject her with the Rossum virus and see the effects of the drug. Hopefully he can extrapolate an antidote from his research, but it looks like the drug is passed through by touch and the effects are starting to affect Topher and Adelle.

Echo shows up on campus - some of the stuff is familiar but not all. Victor thinks she has been affected by the drug and takes her to quarantine. Echo feels she has to save a former boyfriend from her former life.

Langton follows Echo to the campus. Adelle tells him to call her in. When he asks her if she wants a treatment, Echo actually pauses and then says "no." She leaves with Sam who is helping her break into the Rossum lab.

We see Caroline in her past life extolling the virtues of not testing on animals as she eats a big juicy burger. Her and her friends want to do something monumental against the Rossum Corporation and all of their animal testing.

Dom is bored, sitting in the lab, bitching about Victor. He's been affected by the outbreak. Pretty funny departure from the usual Dominic and the actor's normal roles (the intense Kellerman from Homicide: Life on the Streets).

Topher and Adelle have been affected by the drug. Again, pretty amusing bit. "I'm very British - I don't say hard Rs... I hate lentils."

"You haven't seen my drawer of inappropriate starches? What is brown sauce made of anyway?" Sounds like the musings of Joss Whedon. While they've gone a bit loopy, they seem to have their intelligence intact. Topher wants all the Rossum agents sent back to the Dollhouse while the dolls are okay to stay since the drug won't affect them.

As a political activist in her past, Caroline wants to infiltrate the Rossum Building. Echo remembers a name - Lily Foundry. She thinks it's not a person, but a thing. A professor recognizes Echo as Caroline Ferrell. It's the name on a grate. An entrance to the tunnels that will lead to the Rossum Building - how did they enter the tunnel without anyone seeing them. It was smack dab in the middle of campus in broad daylight.

They found their way into the Rossum Building, but Echo is confronted by Dominic, who gives her a big hug and apologizes for trying to kill her in the last episode.

While Adelle and Topher consume massive loads of inappropriate starches, Mellie comes in - presumably affected by the drug, but Topher corrects Adelle and tells her that Mellie's glitching - she's remembering. She needs to be wiped, but Topher is realizing that the drug IS affecting the dolls. It's breaking through their man-made memory blocks. The two realize the student who died first from the outbreak wasn't an accident - it was murder.

The various agents are starting to be affected... and so is Sierra. She glitches and remembers being raped. She grabs a gun and points it at Victor. He starts to glitch and tries to disarm Sierra while he hugs her.

Echo and Sam reach the lab where Sam locates the vial pretty quickly. It was hidden in a larger vial of iodine. Sam's the culprit and he drugs Echo. Turns out he wants to sell out to Rossum's competitor.

Echo starts to glitch and remembers when she and Leo sneak into the lab and videotape the caged monkeys and all the animals. They find human fetuses. They're not just experimenting on animals! They are caught and they try to escape, but Leo has been shot. He dies.

In the present she chases after Sam. She remembers Leo dying. Langton comes to the rescue and punches out Sam. He takes Echo in for a treatment.

It was this traumatic experience that put Caroline together with Adelle and the Dollhouse.

Looks like Mellie was wiped clean and she's going on hiatus from Ballard for awhile. He's saddened to see her go, "We've only just begun," he sings to her.

Adelle brings Sam in - looks like he might be a new active...


I felt this episode was a little messy, all over the place, but maybe it was the shifting from past to present.

Langton got to show off his piano playing skills.

I enjoyed the bits of humor in here.

Looks like all actives are only brought in for five years. Is this like American Idol - you can't compete if you're over a certain age?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 30, 2009 8:18 AM
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Not a horrible episode but it did seem like a filler. Although it does seem like we will get a new Doll and after watching the preview for next week "The Awakening", it seems like this episode could have been the beginning of that. We will see. I have high hopes for next week and what the show will be like after that. Could it mean a total change direction?

-- Posted by: Lance at April 1, 2009 8:42 AM

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