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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 1.6 "Man on the Street"

Man-Street.jpgWow! This was, by far, the best episode yet! Gratuitous shirtless scenes with Penikett, sex, great fight scenes... did I mention a shirtless Penikett? :o)

A Fox segment on the urban legend of the Dollhouse (I assume it was a Fox segment, anyway) interviews people on the street about the possibility of a Dollhouse.

Ballard finds some evidence in Tanaka's investigations that he can trace back to the Dollhouse. Turns out a hedge fund called The Mayfair Fund is possibly attached to the Dollhouse. They trace back a yearly deposit to the Mayfair Fund to Joel Mynor, an internet mogul.

Meanwhile, Mellie and Ballard are getting closer. They have dinner together and chit chat, Ballard freely talking about his Dollhouse case and Caroline with her.

Ballard shadows Mynor and busts into the house he's in while he's with an active. Ballard is shocked to see the active is Echo. Echo believes she is Rebecca and married to Mynor. Rebecca thinks her husband has an internet venture in porn and that's why Ballard is there. Mynor's bodyguards taze Ballard but Ballard fights the bodyguards. Meanwhile, Langton comes in and tells Echo she needs a treatment and extracts her.

Mynor and Ballard chat. B wants to know more about the Dollhouse. Mynor tells him why he hires a doll on the same day every year. His wife died tragically before he could show her the new home he bought them. So every year, on the anniversary, he hires a doll to be Rebecca. Mynor also tells B that B has a fantasy too - saving Echo from the Dollhouse.

This give B pause and causes him to think about his personal life.

Sierra has been acting differently, she cries when she goes to the pod and she sits alone. Victor goes to chat with her but Sierra goes ballistic. Turns out she's had intercourse but while she's been in the Dollhouse, not while on an engagement. Most think it's Victor who is the culprit, since he likes to pretend they're married. Sierra's handler, Hearn, wants to send him to the attic.

The good doc and Topher question Victor, but don't really get anywhere. Langton, on the other hand, chats with Victor's current handler and something he said about cameras everywhere gives Langton an idea of how to catch the rapist. So he sets up a trap by calling Dominic and telling him to pull Victor off the floor. So Victor is taken (so he's under everyone's watchful eye with lots of witnesses) and so is his handler.

Ballard goes over to Mellie's for some first aid and TLC. He kisses Mellie and while she is all googly-eyed over his shirtless state she doesn't want him to substitute her for his obsession over Caroline. She tells them they should stay "neighborly."

It's time for the dolls to go to bed but Sierra takes a detour and meets up with Hearn. It's Hearn who has been "handling" Sierra this whole time, not Victor. Adelle berates Langton for taking matters into his own hands, but is happy he caught the culprit. She wires money into his account.

Dom asks if Adelle has seen the tap. There's a hidden camera and wiretap in Ballard's apartment (or are in they in Mellie's apt?) Adelle orders Echo to be programmed to deal with Ballard without Langton as her handler.

Topher is setting up the imprint for Echo when he is interrupted by Langton. During this time, someone has come in and entered some info into Topher's imprint - info for Ballard. Who's the inside man (or woman)? Ivy, Topher's gopher? Hmm...

Adelle gives Hearn one chance to redeem himself and not be sent to the attic. His assignment - to eliminate Mellie.

More shirtless Tamoh! Mellie and Ballard do the horizontal mambo and have that idle banter you always see in movies but not in real life. They also seem to own that L-shaped sheet that covers the female up to the chest, but the guy, only to the waist. Whoever invented that - thanks! :D Their marathon sex run has caused some hunger pains and Ballard goes off to get them Chinese food so they'll be hungry an hour after they eat. He invites Mellie to help him with his case. Down at the Wok Not Run dive, B orders some food but sees Echo in the kitchen. Oddly, the kitchen is void of any actual cooks. Echo and B get into a kick-ass fight where B gets it good from Echo, but gives as good as he gets. Some great choreography in that fight - poetry in motion. Or should I say "poultry in motion" - your chicken chow mein is up!

Echo was sent to stop B from investigating, but not to kill him. But the secret imprint tells B that the Dhouse is real and there's an inside man. It's not the same person who sent B the pictures of Caroline. Secret Echo tells B that there are over 20 dollhouses all over the world with ties with the political and business worlds. She tells him the Dhouse deals in fantasy but it's not their purpose and that he needs to find out what that purpose is.

She hands B her gun but grabs his hand and shoots an officer who has turned the corner. She tells him they won't kill him but they will protect the information. B's first thought is of Mellie and he goes running back to her.

Meanwhile, Mellie is at B's place straightening up when Hearn attacks Mellie. The phone rings. You think it's B but it's not. "There are three flowers in a vase," Adelle says on the answering machine. "The third flower is green." Mellie's look changes and she kicks some ass of her own, killing Hearn. Adelle sends another message and Mellie goes back to "normal." Mellie's a sleeper doll! COOL! B shows up as Mellie crumbles to the floor.

B turns in his badge and gun, suspended from the FBI while they investigate the shooting of the police officer.

Adelle wants Mellie brought in for a diagnostic but is leaving her in the field as a sleeper even though B is off the Dhouse case.


Great ep! I like that Ballard and Echo finally met. This ep's staying on my DVR!

If Adelle left that message on Ballard's answering machine, don't you think he'll hear it or Mellie will hear it again and kill Ballard? Or will they give Mellie a new Sleeper phrase? I can only imagine that when they bring Mellie in for her diagnostic they'll erase the message provided Ballard doesn't get a chance to listen to it again. Or they'll have Topher send a signal or something to erase the message because technology like that exists on TV, even if it doesn't in real life :o)

What would you do (keep it clean) if you could hire a doll?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 21, 2009 2:06 AM
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Best episode yet. Yes.

Your reviews are severely lacking though.

Tahmoh was easily the star.

The 'man-on-the-street' interviews were second billing,

But Patton Oswalt deserves an Emmy for creepiest pug on the planet for this one.

Good to see fat chicks getting a sweaty-bed romp with a stud, tu.

-- Posted by: POZWALT at March 22, 2009 11:07 PM

Definitely the best episode yet. I have really enjoyed this show so far but this episode really locked me in for sure. It does feel like Joss is back.

Patton Oswalt was great. The whole way they opened that up to "expose" the Dollhouse was really good writing and really good t.v.

And I'm sorry but Mellie is HAWT!

Again, great episode. For anyone out there not watching this show, now is the time to jump on.

One thing though, I'm not 100% convinced that someone really messed with the imprint. Could the Dollhouse be doing all that on purpose to throw B off the trail, or stop him period?

-- Posted by: Lance at March 23, 2009 8:24 AM

Mellie is not fat! She's probably thinner than the average female. You can't compare her to the anorexics on TV. Real women have curves!

-- Posted by: Connie at March 23, 2009 11:44 AM

I think the episodes get better every week. This one was the best so far.
Loved it.

-- Posted by: me at March 23, 2009 4:55 PM

I agree with you Connie. I love curves and I love Mellie!

-- Posted by: Lance at March 24, 2009 8:22 AM

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