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Dollhouse 1.5 "True Believer"

True-Believer.jpgSorry for the delay in posting - tennis tournaments, work and St. Pat's pub crawls got in the way. Anyway, let's get to it!

A frequent regular at the Dollhouse, Senator Boxbaum asks Adelle for help. He needs an active to go in undercover with the ATF. So Echo is given the imprint of Esther Carpenter, who has blind faith - literally. The Dollhouse make Echo blind by inserting "cameras" into her eyes so the ATF can see what's she's (not) seeing. Esther is sent into the cult of Jonas Sparrow, a David Koresh-like charismatic cult leader.

Sparrow (played by 80s daytime hottie Brian Bloom) interrogates Esther to make sure she's not an agent, but she passes the test. The cameras reveal a cache of guns and various weapons. Jonas brings Esther into the fold after she convinces him that she belongs in the compound with the rest of his followers.

Meanwhile, back at the Dollhouse, Victor is having quite a "man-reaction" (as Topher calls it) to seeing Sierra in the co-ed shower. As a blank active, he shouldn't have any reaction to anyone, but he is. The good doc and Topher look into the sitch.

Mellie comes to visit Ballard with some baked goods and gives her an envelope handed to her by someone. The writing on the envelope is the same as that on the previous envelope left for Ballard with Echo's pictures. This one contains a DVD of Echo when she was a normal girl named Caroline.

The ATF is ready to lay siege to the compound. Langton wants to extract Echo but the ATF lead refuses. Langton calls Dom to get a force extraction but Dom denies his request. Dom doesn't like Echo and wouldn't mind it if Echo gets killed during the siege.

ATF tries to invade but the place is rigged and Sparrow is wise to the invasion. He blames Esther for the invasion and smacks her. The smack dislodges the cameras and causes Echo to see but loses the eyes for the ATF.

The compound is set on fire by one of the followers with Sparrow trying to convince his followers that the flames won't hurt them but the unrighteous trying to invade their turf.

Langton goes in to try to extract Echo. The lead agent convinces the his group that Langton is in cahoots with Sparrow and should be shot on sight.

Echo tries to convince Sparrow to let the followers go but he smacks her down again. Instead of staying down, she takes a candlestick to Mr. Sparrow in the parlor... :o) She gets everyone to leave just as Sparrow comes to. Sparrow is about to shoot Echo when a commando comes in and kills him. It's not an ATF agent, it's Dom. He, too, smacks Echo around. I guess he's hoping she'll perish in the fire, but Langton rescues her and brings her out.

Ballard sees the incident on TV and goes to investigate. He asks the agent in charge if he's seen Echo. He shows a pic but he doesn't give up anything.

Adelle gives the order to "scrub" Victor and to monitor him.

The doc asks Echo if she can see okay. She looks around and sees Dom - looks like she recognizes him. "I can see perfectly," she says.


Couldn't Alpha have killed Topher? I'm already sick of that guy.

Bloom still has those intense blue eyes, but methinks he may be using a little GLH-9 spray-on hair. I used to see him at the gym I went to... Notice they really never show the back of his head... :o)

Next week's ep looks like Ballard and Echo finally meet. Yee haw!

As an aside, RIP Natasha Richardson - how sad :o(

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 18, 2009 11:21 PM
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Pretty good episode IMO. A few fairly interesting concepts throughout, I especially liked the Victor/Sierra deal. That could be very telling later on.

-- Posted by: Lance at March 19, 2009 8:15 AM

it's nice l thank you for this

-- Posted by: ghoumari at March 23, 2009 2:02 PM

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