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Dollhouse Fodder

Dollhouse 1.2 "The Target"

Target.jpgEcho has been programmed to be the perfect mate for Richard O'Connell (Matt Keeslar from The Middleman) - a rich preppy guy looking for the perfect mate. She's imprinted with the skills of an outdoorsman - kayaking, mountain climbing, etc. Dick gets turned on with every activity and soon they fall into their king-sized shamwow bed together. In their post-coital bliss, Dick gives Echo five minutes to make a run for it before he starts to hunt her. Am I supposed to liken this to him making love to the moose before he shoots it? Hmmm...

The rest of the episode follows Echo trying to escape and even though she hasn't been imprinted with any fight skills, the survival of the fittest instincts come into play and she fights back. Two guesses who wins that fight?

We learn a little more about Echo's handler - Langdon. He came in to replace Echo's previous handler who got killed in a massacre by a former rebellious agent only known to us as Alpha (correct me if I'm wrong about this.)

Why this Alpha guy didn't kill Echo is anyone's guess. Even the doc (Amy Acker either needs to cut her hair short or grow it out long. The current bob she has looks terrible on her.) was slashed up by the guy.

Agent Ballard gets a clue from someone (Alpha?) about Echo which keeps his Dollhouse passion alive. He is teased mercilessly by other agents.


I want to learn more about Reed Diamond's character. I loved him on Homicide: Life on the Streets, but so far his character is a little one-dimensional. Is he a hired gun/executive at the Dollhouse? When will he and Tamoh lose their shirts to a high wind so us gals can have some eye candy? I need my sweets!

A bit of a departure from Matt Keeslar's by-the-book character on The Middleman. He was going for creepy but didn't quite get there. Like his character on The Middleman much better.

I get a little annoyed that the dolls' minds get wiped and their speech turns elementary yet they still know how to swim? Do they have to relearn how to swim with every wipe?

Not in love with the show yet. Still has a lot of work to do. Loved Angel and Buffy from the get-go. Firefly was the best Whedon show ever, so I still have hopes for this show - hopefully Fox feels the same and won't pull the show.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on February 24, 2009 12:00 AM
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Heh...I thought the same thing about the swimming!

I think you have to assume that Alpha (in either his composite personality or in some memory from his real personality) knows the real Echo, so he left her alone.

At least, that is my current theory.

-- Posted by: Fred at February 24, 2009 1:29 PM

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