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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of our Lives - Marlena Rebuffs John

John meets up with Marlena completely by chance and they have a conversation that seems to go on for ages and ages; let me sum it up for you. John tells Marlena that he wants to try and work things out and she says that she is done with him and wants to move forward with her life and that means even going out with Professor Robbins. Isn't that just the kind of news you'd want to hear from the woman who is technically still your wife?

Lucas and Philip talk about how Lucas has joint custody of Allie and how happy he is and how unhappy Sami is, undoubtedly. Philip points out that Sami has gone out of her way to get things her way in the past and surely she might do it again now.

EJ and Sami meet and Sami is extremely distraught that EJ seems a bit aloof about Sami getting joint custody of Allie. He tells her that things would have worked out better had they stayed married and then explains why; that a united front between them would have looked a lot better than her by herself.

Bo and Hope tuck into a romantic dinner that Hope apparently has had catered. Hope also gets into some shameless product placement that I will not dignify with a thorough mention.

Tony tells Lexie that he is going to get the power away from both John and Stefano. Good luck with that, kind sir.

Posted by Gordon on September 8, 2008 6:38 PM
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