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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Max Tells Melanie He is Her Brother

Nick talks online with Melanie, who has an online presence as "Party Girl." This of course immediately get the attention of Chelsea who probably just wants Nick to sit around and wait for her to either marry Doctor Jonas or come back to him. Nick says that he's just trying to be social and she wonders why he is talking with someone called Party Girl.

Max finally finds Melanie but before he can talk with her she gets an earful from some friend of hers about relationship problems and of course she takes off to take care of the problems her friend is having. When she comes back she is confronted by the same guy who wanted money from Max and he confronts him, telling him that he will pay what he wants. Melanie naturally wants to know who Max is. He won't say but instead pays the man. She tells Max that she wants to know why he did it and who he is. He finally admits that he is her brother.

Ava tells John that she knows for a fact that she is being followed by an undercover cop and that they are onto her. EJ comes in and is discomforted by their displays of affection. He also thinks that John is hiding something from him. John says that he's not hiding anything and when EJ gets a moment alone with Ava he tells her that her judge was switched to a less than favorable judge and that things are looking less than good.

Hope tries to encourage Ciara to eat her pancakes but she's not that into them. They should write a book about that. There is clearly a lot of tension between Bo and Hope thanks to the big reveal. After Ciara leaves to go upstairs they argue about Philip and how Bo thinks that he is innocent. She says that he is acting as though he were a Kiriakis and not the man that she loves.

Kate and Victor talk about Daniel and her feelings for him and how they seem not to be so nice. Kate mentions that Lucas is recovering and that she hopes he won't go running back to Sami as soon as he is out of the hospital. Victor, meanwhile, is worried about Philip. She tells him about the note that she got and Victor wonders what is happening with John that he would do something like that.

Tony tells Lexie that there is an update with Stefano - apparently he has had a seizure of some sort, and that there is a chance he is going to come out of his coma. EJ soon joins them for this bit of news, be it good or otherwise.

Hope says that she is pretty positive that the new John is capable of murder and Bo wonders if she will stand beside him. She says that she will always do so and that they will deal with it together. Big hug.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 4, 2008 3:22 PM
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