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Days of Our Lives: Max and Stephanie Land in Jail

The reporter keeps on stirring up trouble at the reception and Bo tells him that it's not the right place or time to do it. I wonder why Bo suddenly felt the need to shave? I like him better with a little facial hair. Of course Kate wonders if Victor knew about all of this. She takes him out while Abe and Roman talk with the reporter. Hope says that she just wants to get home and Bo says he's probably not going to be able to go home any time soon.

Philip and Morgan are having a perfectly pleasant time talking when Kate and Victor come in and tell him that the media had found out about the tape. This leads to Philip telling Morgan the truth about the tape (with insistence of his innocence) and a slap from her to him. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Kate says that he is better off without her and that they will protect him if the tape contents come out.

Max and Melanie are put in jail thanks to the bracelet that Melanie stole and then gave to Max. Naturally, when Stephanie comes to bail one of them out, she only can bail out Max. Actually, she doesn't even have the money to do that. Would you believe that in the end, Melanie is the one that gets out of jail thanks to her ex-boyfriend, and Max and Stephanie end up in jail together?

Tony and EJ talk with Stefano about what his plans are. He tells them that he was perfectly aware of how John is actually his half brother thanks to his coming and visiting him when he was in his comatose state. He tells them about how Marlena did it to him; caused him to be in a comatose state, that is. They don't think it's possible that she would have done it but he insists that she did and that he has now returned the favor. We see Marlena laying on the floor in her home.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 8, 2008 10:24 PM
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