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Days of Our Lives: Kayla Possibly Has the Antidote

John wants to go and have a chat with Stefano but EJ tells him that it would be a total waste of time.

Tony and Anna argue with Stefano about what happened to Marlena. Stefano gets a little 'fresh' as they say with Anna and Tony yells at him, "You're talking about my wife!" Stefano is less than pleased to hear that. Naturally, John walks in during this kerfuffle and sees that talking with Stefano would not be a waste of time as he is awake.

John asks Stefano what he did to Marlena and he gives the standard DOOL response. Everybody say it with me: "I have no idea what you are talking about." John asks him one more time. Stefano says that he has no bargaining chips and didn't even kill him when he had the chance. John tells him how Stefano's plan to have Colleen eliminated was a wash and she died surrounded by her friends and family. They sure do like reusing scripts.

Stefano wonders if John reckons he is the savior of Salem and he says that he is simply his enemy, and so Stefano's enemies are therefore John's friends. This is when he tells Stefano that EJ is his lawyer.

A crowd has gathered in Marlena's room, where Patch wonders what happened. Kayla tells him that she was injected with some sort of paralyzing toxin. Marlena slurs Stefano's name. Well that sounds like "j'accuse!" to me. Kayla goes off somewhere and when she comes back she announces that the technicians are stopping what they are doing to work on Marlena's tests.

Sami and EJ argue about what side he is on because he seems to be siding with Stefano, perhaps even feeling sorry for the formerly paralyzed man.

Marlena tries to tell them what was injected into her and what the cure would be and how she will soon not be able to move or even speak. A bit later, Tony goes to see her and she admits what she did and that she did it to protect the family. Very DiMera of her, Tony observes.

John decides that the time is right to kill Stefano so he grabs his neck and it takes Patch to save Stefano's life. Yep, Patch to save his life, of all people.

At the same time, a noxious gas starts coming out of all the various vents on the floor of the hospital where all of this is taking place. Coincidentally, Stefano is nowhere to be seen. Also coincidentally, it happens right before Kayla has time to inject Marlena with something she considers to possibly be an antidote. Funny, that.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 12, 2008 8:24 PM
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