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Days of our Lives - Kayla and Patch's Baby Stolen

Roman tells Abe that the seventh floor is completely inaccessible because it seems to be sealed with a lockdown mechanism. Nobody thinks it is a coincidence that Stefano is up there as well but Abe says that he is in a coma. Lexie tells them that this is no longer the case.

Stefano and Tony argue and fight and Tony attacks him with a wrench only it turns out that it's not Stefano, it's John. John seems displeased.

We apparently go back two days for this one: we see Sami tripping EJ who briefly looks like Stefano and when she realizes what she did she freaks out. She tells him that he has to be okay. Somehow the power of opening up his shirt gets his eyes to open. She says that she can't imagine her life without him and of course he questions that only to have her say that she doesn't want to discuss it.

Sami tells him that Lucas dropped her because of just one tiny little thing. She says that she can't change how she feels about him and has to stop lying to herself.

Tony finds Anna passed out and has to wake her up with a kiss. Anna goes to Marlena's room where Marlena tries to indicate the syringe holds the key to making her better but Anna just doesn't get it.

While John tries to get things going in the power room, Stefano tells him over the loudspeaker that he was a bad soldier and that he will reboot him and complete his metamorphosis.

Kayla and Patch are startled that their baby is gone. You can guess that Stefano was stolen.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 15, 2008 10:37 PM
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