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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Hope Confronts Philip

Max tells Melanie that he only just recently found out about her from their shared father Trent. She wonders why he didn't tell her about him and says she is going to call and he stops her from doing so, saying it would be a terrible idea. Stephanie comes in just at the right time and so do a group of French NASCAR fans (French NASCAR fans - isn't that an oxymoron?) who want his autograph. Melanie says she knew she recognized him from somewhere. Because he's just like Jeff Gordon, right?

Melanie, Max, and Stephanie chat it up. Of course, Melanie is extremely rude to Stephanie. Their fun conversation is interrupted when the police show up and for some reason Melanie runs out of there but is stopped by said police who take her away. Max and Stephanie follow, of course.

Hope goes to visit Philip, who is finally out of the hospital. They go straight into arguing about what Bo did and whether it was a case of protecting family or not. She worries that the truth is going to come out and Philip says that it's not a problem because John is responsible for everything going on.

Marlena goes to see John and tells him that Stefano might be making a comeback as she apparently didn't give him a strong enough dose of whatever chemicals she injected into him. She is concerned that Stefano will come after her. How she didn't think of that before doing something so horrific, I cannot tell you. He tells her that there might have to be a trial after he kills Stefano. He says he is going to take care of Stefano and leaves, so of course Marlena finds the "Dear John" letter that Ava left for John. Naturally, she calls Roman to tell him the good news.

Tony worries that Stefano might be up to no good already. He also tells EJ that he should probably not work with John any longer and EJ says that he can keep an eye on John this way. Tony says that Stefano is going to want to resume his place at the head of the DiMera Empire. This is of course when John comes back in and smugly announces that he heard that Stefano might wake up. John wonders if he will wake up and Kayla says there is a possibility. After EJ and Tony leave to take care of some hospital business, Marlena comes in and tells John that she doesn't condone murder.

With Marlena somehow alone with Stefano, she tells him that she would do what she did again if she had the opportunity and he of course opens his eyes and has a good look at her. He thinks to himself that he will have his revenge. Great thing to say to someone who is listening to you, Marlena.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 5, 2008 4:00 PM
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