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Days of Our Lives: Bo's Guilt Leaked to the Press

Ah, the beautiful countryside of Salem. Salem, the city that has it all from docks to countrysides. Bo takes Hope into the church and asks her to marry him again. She says that she will, of course. They thank everyone for coming and Bo reads a letter from Shawn. Apparently they have managed to get Caroline and Doug to officiate the wedding. Everyone talks about the wonderful history of Bo and Hope and all the nice things that happened since then.

Bo and Hope recite their vows all over again and they kiss. Hope tells Bo that she loves him. Doug says that they will exchange wedding bands and Hope says that she no longer has hers (as she threw it into the water when she was on the remote island with Patrick - remember?) Hope then frets that she has nothing for him and Ciara comes up with what is apparently the ring that Shawn Senior wore.

EJ, Lexie, and Tony have a group discussion about Stefano. She says that she should be at the church attending the wedding renewal ceremony but she wants to know what is going on. They assure her that their father is just as out of it as he ever has been.

Marlena gets a phone call from John. Meanwhile, she gets a little from a sinister stalker with a large needle.

John talks to Stefano, presuming that he cannot be heard. He stuffs a large pillow in his face and tells him that he is taking over. He gets a phone call from Marlena and so he lets up on the pillow. She tells him the truth about how she contacted the authorities about Ava and tells him not to do anything foolish. Too late. John tells her where he is and then decides that there is something he must do before taking his revenge on Stefano.

The wedding reception is interrupted by a reporter for the Salem Spector who asks Bo how he can sleep at night knowing that he is a liar and a disgrace to the police department.

The masked man in Marlena's place finally reveals herself and she warns him not to come any closer so of course he does. She grabs a letter opener and tells him that she will stab him at necessary. Instead of actually doing this she throws it at him and he runs after her, grabbing her and pushing her down onto her bed. He raises his needle over his head.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 7, 2008 4:42 PM
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