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Days of Our Lives: Bo tells Hope the Truth

At the police department, we find out that the e-mail received wasn't so anonymous after all thanks to the tracing methods of which they took advantage. At first it seems that the e-mail came from the Kiriakis mansion but then they figure out that it actually came from the Java Cafe.

At the cafe, they talk to people who manage to get security video and of course it was Ava that sent the e-mail.

Philip and Bo have a heart to heart about their strengthened connection thanks to what Bo did for Philip. Philip tells Bo that he will never forget what he did for him.

Maggie visits with Lucas and is shocked that Chloe is there. She wonders how Sami would feel about it and he tells her that she knows about Chloe being there. Maggie gives Lucas some donuts from Alice. I miss her onscreen presence. He tells her about taking a break from Sami.

Morgan visits Philip and they talk about what she said while he was out of it. He says that even though he wasn't really there, he heard everything and he has strong feelings for her as well.

Nicole says that she is sorry that she had to be so rude to EJ but thanks to her precarious relationship with Trent, she had to do it. She tells him about Max being Trent's son and they discuss how they are going to possibly going to use that against him.

Hope and Bo have yet another talk and he finally tells her the truth; that he tampered with evidence to protect Philip. Oh, like you didn't know that he was eventually going to tell her.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on August 1, 2008 10:43 PM
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I'm glad Bo finally told Hope the truth. Though she was unpset I knew she'd work with Bo :)

-- Posted by: bohopefan at August 5, 2008 7:53 AM

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