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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: What Really Happened to Morgan's Father?

Chelsea talks with her grandfather and when Daniel comes in he tells her that he shouldn't show him any emotion as it might kill him. Long argument. She seems to get into the most interesting of arguments.

Bo finds out that Philip was shot and he and Hope head out to the DiMera mansion.

Morgan goes crazy as the EMT get to working on Philip. This is just when Bo and Hope come in and Philip is taken out. Hope tells Morgan it's no use to go with him and Roman informs John that he is wondering if he set this up. EJ and John tell him exactly what happened and then Roman asks about Paul. John even says that he wants to press charges against Morgan of all people. EJ tells John that he has to tell him what is going on.

John tells EJ that he knows everything and EJ says that he's not a big fan of surprises. On the plus side, they get a fax saying that Ava's extradition was denied so that is good for her. Even better, Judge Fitzpatrick was set to be the ruling judge over the case.

Morgan gets to the Salem Police Department where she says that she just knows that her father is dead and it's all John's fault. She says that when her father used to give her counsel, he would tell her to stay away from Philip but she never understood why. She says that he is clearly a good guy because he took a bullet for her.

Daniel tells Kate that Philip has lost a lot of blood and of course, it is a rare blood and they are plum out of it. Kate is willing to donate but she has the wrong blood type.

Kate goes to see Victor and stupidly tells him what happened to Philip. Of course his machines all go crazy. How do these people never seem to learn a thing? They bring in a crash cart and barely are able to bring him back from the precipice. I bet you didn't think you'd see the word precipice in a blog describing a soap opera.

John and Ava have a wild time together and then discuss how lovely it was. He can't believe that Morgan could have possibly tried to kill him - and wonders how she would react if she knew what really had happened to her father. Do tell, John!

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 28, 2008 5:49 PM
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