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Days of Our Lives: Victor Tells Bo to Take Care of Philip

At Salem University Hospital, Kate tells Doctor Jonas that Chelsea can never find out what happened between them because it would kill her. Oh, like it killed her when she found out what happened between Nick and her mother. It's a good thing Chelsea is nowhere to be seen - actually, she is standing right there in the background. Good closeup. Chelsea comes over and asks what they are discussing and Doctor Jonas explains the kind of stroke that Victor suffered. Chelsea says that her grandfather has to be okay and Doctor Jonas says that it could go either way.

Kate asks if surgery is an option and he says that he will keep them posted on that. He walks away and Kate and Chelsea talk about how great Daniel is and then Chelsea wonders why she didn't let Daniel operate on her and she gives Chelsea the run around. Kate says that the reason was because she developed a sort of relationship with him during the course of his operating on her daughter and so didn't feel comfortable with him operating on her. Chelsea walks away and Kate tells Doctor Jonas, who has come out to give them news about Victor, that they need to talk about them.

Kate tells Doctor Jonas that she has no regrets about what happened but Chelsea can't find out. Hasn't she already had this conversation with him? She says that she does care about him of course. We flash back to his getting drunk on perhaps tequila and discussing what is going on inside his head. He says that she is wise, beautiful, and perceptive. He asks if she has ever had something on her mind but couldn't stop thinking about it.

She has a few ideas to help but tells him to stop drinking first. Back in the present he tells her that she helped him through a difficult time and for that he will be forever grateful. She says that it probably never should have started and he says they have to put it in their past because Chelsea is his now and possibly his future.

Chloe tells her mother that Lucas is going back to prison and it is her fault, and then explains it all, only to be overheard by Nicole who lets out a nice "Say what?" and calls her a tramp, following her into the pub. Chloe wonders if her life is so pathetic that she now just eavesdrops on other people's conversations.

Nicole says that she knows that it is true that she and Lucas had sex and of course Sami is right there, ready with a "No, you didn't!" Chloe confirms that it happened and then tells Sami that she just needed a friend and Lucas called her and told her all about what happened between EJ and Sami. Sami tells her that because of her, Lucas will go back to prison. Chloe says that she has noone to blame but herself and Sami calls her a bitch, throwing a big handful of mashed potatoes. People eat mashed potatoes in the summer? I guess.

This of course erupts into a major food fight that has to be stopped by Pete and a noble citizen of Salem. Sami and Chloe argue about Lucas and whether or not Sami has feelings for EJ and Nicole says that it's obvious by her loud voice that she does have feelings for him. Sami picks up a huge piece of pie and throws it at both Chloe and Nicole and they both duck; it hits EJ instead. He pulls her aside and asks her why she seems to be thinking about nobody but herself and she tells him that this doesn't concern him. He says that he wonders who would have gotten the call had she been arrested for assault on Chloe and she insists that it wouldn't have happened.

She tells him that Chloe is the reason Lucas is going to prison and EJ tells her that despite being perfectly beautiful, Lucas is the one who took the ankle bracelet off his leg and left the premises; and it wasn't the first time, either. Sami then says that it's his fault that Lucas slept with Chloe and EJ pshaws that idea. Sami says that it was him showing off to Nicole that Lucas overheard. She says that she is taking the twins and moving out of the mansion that evening. Nicole wonders if he is going to run after the woman of his dreams. She then goes to offer Chloe a drink and Pete says it might be awhile because he has to clean up. Nicole orders her usual and offers anything to Chloe.

Nicole and Chloe talk about relationships and how Chloe ended up with Lucas. Chloe tells her that Philip has been shacking up with Morgan and they toast to men, and ask who needs them: rhetorically, of course.

Bo and Philip both talk to Victor who is languishing in bed. Philip tells him that he doesn't know anything and he has a lot to learn about business and life and needs him, pleading with him not to go. Bo tells him not to give up and that he is going to make it. Bo tells Philip that he had a stroke years back and he was thought not to be able to make it then. Philip tells him about how his father had been scaling back and effectively giving power to Philip and then he let his father down.

They then discuss this and Bo tells him that everyone makes mistakes. Victor gestures to them and then Doctor Jonas comes in to ask how he is feeling. He says that he is feeling like hell and Doctor Jonas tells them to step out for a few minutes.

Morgan approaches Philip and asks what happened and Philip tells her all about what happened and that his father is stable. He asks about her father and she says that he knew that someone was after him and had some kind of proof. He wonders if the police have found anything and she says that there was nothing but apparently her father mailed her the important evidence she would need. She says that she is worried that whoever went after her father might come for her and he says she has been watching too much Law & Order.

Sloan approaches Morgan at the pub and they exchange pleasantries and then Sloan tells her that she got something meant for Morgan at the post office. She goes out and shows the package slip to him and says that they need to go to the post office.

Bo tells Victor that he's not going to let him give up. Victor tells Bo that he is going to need his help with Philip. He asks Bo to make sure that he watches out for Philip and Bo gives his word to keep an eye out on him.

Chelsea comes in to see Victor and he says that he has been feeling better. She says that she really appreciates everything that he did for her when she wasn't feeling too great and so she wants to do the same for him.

Bo tells Hope on the phone what happened with Victor and then says that he got a text message which might be a break in the case.

Sami tells Rolf that they are going to move out and then EJ comes in and asks her to reconsider. She says that her life has been a trainwreck since she met him and he tells her that she made choices. She dismisses him and says that she is going to go and pack and he tells her that her life isn't coming back because Lucas is still going to prison. She tells him not to worry about Lucas because they will surely work it out. He says that it's not possible.

They argue some more and then she says that she is taking both of the children and getting out of there and there's nothing he can do about it. He asks if she is sure about that. He tells her that there is something that he can do and he has already done it.

He shows her a court order forbidding her from taking Johnny away from the home; if she does so anyhow, she will be held in contempt of court and will risk losing some of her parental rights. She stares at him says she can't believe it and he gives us our favorite line: that he will do whatever it takes to keep his family together.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 14, 2008 6:38 PM
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