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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: The Pinky Swear

Caroline gets a little misty eyed thinking about her late husband. Chelsea comforts as she should. Chelsea and Morgan talk about Morgan's father and how Morgan is worried that something happened to him. Chelsea tells her that he will be found because her father is working on the case and he doesn't let a case down.

Bo and Hope talk about how there was a letter to Morgan found in Paul Hollingsworth's luggage. I would be more than willing to bet that the letter will completely exonerate both Philip and John, but I could be wrong. Naturally, it's not long before Doug and Julie arrive and they all have their own separate conversations: Doug with Bo and Julie with Hope, both on the topic of age and Chelsea and how Doug didn't want Hope to be with Bo back in the day.

They all agree that Bo should just back off, so to speak. I'd like to see that happen. Bo also boasts that his house is not susceptible to blackouts thanks to the large backup battery and being off the grid.

Philip and Chloe have the most meandering conversation that doesn't really resolve a thing. She wanted to help but she ended up hurting him. That's the entire gist.

EJ and Lucas talk about the Brady-Horton annual barbecue and Lucas convinces EJ not to attend. Nicole soon shows up and she and EJ get to talking about some good news that EJ has. He doesn't tell her for awhile because otherwise this show would be fifteen minutes long, not a full hour.

She eventually gets it out of him that Sami now knows that they are no longer married. She wonders how that is good news and EJ says that he got her to admit that she has real feelings for her. We pan out and see that Lucas was listening the whole time and wonders how Sami could do this to him.

Posted by Gordon on July 1, 2008 1:46 AM
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