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Days of Our Lives: Philip is Shot

Caroline comes by with presents because she feels as a grandmother, she has to spoil her grandson. She asks where the proud father is and Kayla says that he went out. Caroline says that it's good because she wants to talk with her about Bo. Kayla says that Marlena also had a run-in with him at the station and he brushed her off. Caroline tells Kayla about how Bo and Philip were barred from visiting Victor and that there seemed to be tension between Victor and Bo.

She says that at one point Victor told her to thank Bo and when he asked Bo, he said he was just worried about losing another father. Caroline gets the idea that it is related to the Hollingsworth case. Kayla then brings up what happened with Ava across the hall and you can see yesterday's entry for the dull details.

Steve goes to visit Bo and says they should go out and have a beer and Bo gives every reason not to go out. He says that he shouldn't have told him anything and Steve tells him that he did the right thing. Steve also thinks that Philip is innocent and wonders if they have even found a body. Bo says he is worried that he could lose everything including Hope and Steve points out that it's not going to be long before Hope figures it out.

Bo says that they made a pact not to keep secrets from each other and Steve says that it sounds familiar. I think that's what they call the traditional wedding assumptions. Steve thinks that Bo doesn't feel in his gut that Philip is guilty. He wants to help proving Philip guilty because as he says, secrets have a way of coming up. Bo says that he is just going to call it off and tell Hope the truth.

Steve comes back home to find Kayla and Caroline talking and he says that he had just come back from seeing Bo and he tells them that Bo is perfectly fine and that they have nothing about which they need to worry. They say that clearly Bo is keeping a secret and they should talk to Bo and get some real answers out of him - but would Steve watch the baby? Of course he would.

Kate and Philip talk about their lack of sleep. Kate says that with her she has one son in prison and another on the way. Philip worries that Bo thinks that he killed Paul and Kate says that he may not be alone in thinking this. They argue about this with Kate not directly saying that she thinks he is guilty. Of course they are interrupted by a servant who brings a note that was left for Philip - it says, "I know your secret." Nice.

Ava tells John that the previous evening and the morning were unforgettable. John doesn't say anything but mentions that the police found Paul's jacket in the river but it is a waste of time. Of course this is when Marlena comes in with Rolf in tow, protesting. Ava is just about to leave when EJ comes in to stop her from leaving because they need to chat. She says that they can talk later and then thanks John for the previous evening and the morning and Marlena asks if they got friendly and John affirms it. Marlena says that it was infidelity and he says that she now has grounds for divorce and she wonders if that is what he wants. She goes and then pulls Rolf aside to say that they are working on getting him immunity.

EJ tells John that soon he will need a divorce lawyer and they discuss his relationship problems. John says that EJ still has yet to prove himself and EJ says that he is ready. The doorbell rings and Rolf announces Judge Fitzpatrick's arrival. She thanks John for his donation and EJ says that he needs to speak with her about Ava Vitali. Judge Fitzpatrick wonders how she can help and EJ says that the trial needs to be moved to the States.

Ava finds Marlena and they talk about what happened. Marlena says that when his memory comes back, he will come back to her and Ava will be left with nothing.

Morgan goes to confront John, which Philip does not approve. She yells at him that he killed her father and suddenly Philip comes in. She looks in her purse for something and so of course dear bodyguard Eddie pulls out a gun and aims at her. Philip jumps in front of her just as he pulls the trigger. John looks less than pleased. Well, wouldn't you feel less than pleased under the circumstances?

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 25, 2008 9:05 PM
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