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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Money Talks, Max is Speaking

Max and some guy talk about Melanie. The guy turns out to be someone who wants to find Melanie even more than he does and it has to do with money. He wants money from Max in order to get him to leave Melanie alone. Of course in DOOL, money talks.

Trent tries to call Melanie but fails so he finds Nick, who was watching a video of some party girl on his computer. Better video quality than possible, of course, but what do you want from a show that thinks nobody will notice that Max is using a Palm III to view full color photographs and send and receive text messages. After they have their completely useless conversation, Nick goes back to looking at Premiere Party Girl's blog and figures out that she might be Max's sister.

Nick calls Stephanie and gives her all the details.

Sami and EJ actually get along pretty well for once because of of the children. They talk about how they are sorry for everything that happened, etc. They then talk about how Lucas is sort of now out of the picture because he is in prison. Sami gets a call from Roman who tells her that he is in the hospital and of course she dashes right off to see him.

Nicole comes to see EJ and says that she needs his legal advice because she is getting blackmailed by Trent.

Roman and Lucas talk about what happened. Apparently he was supposed to get close to a couple of thugs in prison and they saw through his disguise and beat him up pretty badly. When Sami arrives she is so sad to see him like this but is happy when she finds out that he is getting out of prison for good. They then argue about where he feels he belongs in life and Lucas tells her that he feels that he needs a break from her and she turns into a blubbering mess.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 31, 2008 9:47 PM
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