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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Max Wants to Find His Sister

Max and Stephanie talk. You can just fast forward if you don't want to see the same stuff again. Alternatively, you can just remember what has happened in the last few episodes and repeat it. Patch and Kayla get into it and they say that they will help. Patch even gets a friend to trace the phone number that Max called to get some more information.

EJ and Nicole talk about their tryst in the elevator. She says that it was absolutely no big deal and it was just sex. I guess she's not going to tell him about the fantasy she had about marrying him. Dean Robbins approaches and there are introductions all around. Apparently Dean Robbins needs an attorney and EJ says he will be the man for the job. After EJ leaves Dean Robbins says that clearly she and EJ have a more friendly than not relationship.

Abe and Bo talk about how Paul has seemingly disappeared. Could it have been John or Philip that caused him to disappear? Philip makes an appearance and soon Chloe is there who spots him talking to Morgan. Oh, the frustration. Morgan has a letter from her father that says that his life is in danger. Chloe and Philip argue about Morgan and she says that she did something as a response to what he is doing with Morgan. When Lucas comes out there is some more arguing and finally Chloe tells Philip that she slept with Lucas.

Patch tells Max that they shouldn't contact his sister until they have some more information and they should keep Stephanie out of it. Dean Robbins gets his phone back: it was in the lost and found. Caroline tells the dean that if he hurts Max, he will answer to her. He has a good look at Max who is talking to himself about finding his sister.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 9, 2008 11:17 PM
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