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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lucas Going Back to Jail?

Max has an interesting conversation with the woman that picks up the phone. Well by interesting I mean that he doesn't say anything and the person wonders why her father is calling so early and then asks who he is. Naturally, she eventually hangs up on him. Max notes that Trent's phone log is full of initials: goodness, he is full of clever ideas.

EJ and Nicole continue having fun in an elevator while Nicole has a fantasy about getting married to EJ.

Lucas and Chloe talk about how great it was to be together. Lucas says that he has already given Sami enough chances and they are really through forever. They go back to the out making.

Sami tries to call Lucas but can't reach him. Naturally, it's not long before one of the elevators opens up and EJ and Nicole come out of it. They immediately start getting yelled at by Sami, who says that Lucas would never dare do anything so trampy inside of an elevator. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Chloe that he will simply sneak out of the elevator when it gets down. Chloe will pretend to panic and then in the confusion, he will sneak away.

Roman talks about how the pub is green and therefore has air conditioning. He tells Max he is going to go to the station to arrange for disaster relief. I guess they figured that FEMA wouldn't help out. Stephanie and Max talk about trust and things we have already heard them discuss. She suggests that he call her - the person he thinks might be his sister.

Of course, in the course of Salem history few people have been as terrible at sneaking away as Lucas. It didn't help him that he bumped into Sami on his way out. Of course, the police get all over him and Sami tries to plead with them not to arrest him. Roman says he will go to prison for the remainder of his term. Guess you shouldn't have tossed off EJ like that.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 8, 2008 10:54 PM
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