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Days of Our Lives: Hope Suspects Bo is Concealing Evidence

Bo wants to go in to speak with his father for a few minutes but Daniel thinks it would be a bad idea. Victor convinces him to let Bo stay for a couple of minutes. Victor says that he knows that his son lost some blood and he can get some for him but then says that he can't for some reason.

Daniel confronts Kate and asks her what it was that she said that nearly killed him. She finally admits that she told Victor about his son getting shot and of course he tells her that was less than a good idea. Chelsea of course approaches and they go at it for the way he spoke to her grandmother. There is much arguing and of course he eventually comes around and apologizes to Kate.

Morgan visits with Philip and tells him the standard routine of how she would trade places with him if she could and that she should be there, not him. She tells him that she thinks that she is falling in love with him just in time for Chloe to be there, clearing her throat. Hope steps i to speak with Morgan and Chloe apologizes profusely for how things went between them. She says she should have prevented him from getting involved with Morgan.

Hope and Morgan discuss what happened with her father and how all she was left with was a letter and a package that was supposed to contain proof but clearly did not. Hope wonders if she is sure that there really was nothing else in the package and Morgan wonders if she is trying to imply that she is concealing something and Hope says that this is not the case. When Morgan goes back into the room she looks longingly at Philip and wow, if there ever was at time to fast forward it would be now. Outside, Chloe asks a nurse about Philip and she says that she was actually assigned to his brother, Lucas, who was just admitted to the hospital.

John says that he is intrigued how things turned out and escalated so quickly. He tells her not to worry because he has an ace up his sleeve, so to speak. He says that he will show her something to calm her fears after he gets Rolf to clean up all the blood. He takes her to the basement where they unlock a door only to reveal none other than Paul, perfectly well and alive. Paul asks when he will be released and John says that he should consider himself lucky to be alive. Paul says that he just wants his daughter to know that he is alive and John tells him that will ruin everything as well as not help in his own quest to get Philip away from his daughter.

Bo and Hope discuss the evidence from the package and how there was nothing but money and a letter. Hope says that it seems to her that there was something missing and Bo says that there was really nothing else there. A policeman approaches Hope and says that they just got an anonymous e-mail saying that the evidence in the case seemed to be subject to a police cover-up. Huh oh.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 30, 2008 7:52 PM
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