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Days of Our Lives: Chloe Blames Herself for Lucas Going Back to Jail

Hope asks Philip why he and Lucas was fighting and Philip says that it's between them. Hope says she just wants to help Lucas. Philip can't believe that he made such a stupid mistake and Hope agrees, saying that he knew the risk of breaking house arrest. Philip says its a shame that neither of them can do anything and Hope wonders why he doesn't sound more upset. Philip tells her that Lucas, so to speak, made his own bed. Hope overheard Philip saying that he knew what Lucas did and Philip says that it's not police related. Bo steps in and says that Philip has to start talking soon.

Bo asks what Philip meant by what he said and he says the same thing again. Soon he gets a phone call from Morgan who says that something happened to Victor and Philip tells her to tell him that he is still alive. She says that he's on the gurney already en route to the hospital and he says he will meet her there. Philip tells Bo and they both head off to the hospital.

Chelsea comes into the hospital and runs into Doctor Jonas. "Fancy meeting you here," she says. We have to assume she was trying to be funny. Apparently Chelsea is an occupational therapist in training and she has Doctor Jonas to thank for it. He says he just made a phone call and she says that she's looking forward to taking classes. He hasn't ever seen her so happy.

Caroline and the entire pub panics as Victor lays on the ground. Chloe and Kate argue outside of the pub. Chloe says that Philip isn't the saint that she thinks he is and then Kate notices that there is a kerfuffle in the pub and go in to find everyone huddled over Victor. The paramedics work on him and determine that it was probably a stroke. Caroline tells Max that Pete is going to help at the pub and then Max and Stephanie discuss what happened.

Stephanie asks again to help him find his sister and he says it would be wrong. They argue this and Stephanie says she has to get to the hospital since it's the first day of Chelsea's working. Max says he will see her later and then heads upstairs.

Chelsea thinks it's a shame that the hospital prohibits PDAs between hospital staff. Chelsea says that private displays are not prohibited and he gets off in fifteen minutes. A staff member comes in and tells him that someone was brought into the hospital and he was to be notified because it was Victor. Doctor Jonas gets right on the job and tells the staff member what to do and Chelsea begins to panic but Doctor Jonas assures her that he will do his best.

Victor gets to the hospital and Doctor Jonas does some standard stroke tests and when Philip gets there he tells him as much. Bo soon gets there and gives his mother a cuddle. A little later, Doctor Jonas tells Victor that he is going to pull through. Outside, Kate worries that they have not heard anything yet but feels confident that everything will be fine. Philip tells her about Lucas going back to jail. Man, I thought I disappointed my mother sometimes but it pales compared to Lucas and his mother.

Bo and Caroline talk with Chelsea about Victor. Caroline tells her that to Victor, family is the most important thing in the world and he has a good heart on the inside. Stephanie approaches and says she is so sorry and would love to do anything. Caroline thinks that the best thing she could do is to be with Max. She says that Max made it clear that he doesn't need her help and should help with Victor.

Max, meanwhile, comes downstairs with a duffelbag and explains to Pete that he is not running away from home but is doing the opposite. He writes a note (presumably to Stephanie) and Pete wishes him luck. He sure takes a long time writing the note, dictating it first in his head. He wishes he could say goodbye in person. Max gives Pete a couple of notes to give to Stephanie and Caroline. He looks at a photo of Shawn Senior and remembers visiting his grave. Oh, ridiculously long flashbacks, why must you terrorize us?

Doctor Jonas injects something into Victor's IV and he begins trying to speak. Doctor Jonas tells him to not try talking quite yet. He comes out and tells Kate and Caroline that it was a stroke but they won't know the complete extent of the damage for awhile. Meanwhile, they have given him a drug that should dissolve the clot. I wonder if they used that kind of drug when my grandmother had her stroke - TPA, he says it is called. (Tissue plasminogen activator) - apparently it has to be given within three hours of the stroke. It's amazing how everything Doctor Jonas says is perfectly correct according to the American Heart Association - soaps can so often mess up medical issues.

Kate says that he can't believe that Lucas did what he did considering how he felt about "what's her name" - and Philip says that Lucas went to the hotel, slept with Chloe, and then was caught after the blackout. Kate points out that Chloe has now been with three of her sons.

Kate and Caroline go in to speak with Victor and he tells them that they need to take care of their sons. Bo and Chelsea ask Doctor Jonas if Victor is going to make it. Soon Caroline and Kate come out and tell Bo and Philip that Victor wants to see them. Chelsea looks in.

Philip and Morgan talk about her father and he tells her not to give up hope. She says if someone hurt him she will make sure that they pay.

Chloe thinks back to the intimate conversation she had with Lucas in the elevator before they had sex. This could be the longest flashback I have ever seen and is ridiculous considering that this episode aired THIS WEEK. In the present, she decides that she is the reason that he is back in jail. She decides to call her mother because she needs to talk. She explains everything that happened.

Hope asks Lucas to please tell her what he was thinking and he says that he was reacting - to what? She says that Sami is devastated and he says that she would be more so if she knew what happened and Hope asks what that was and he won't say. Another argument. Lucas says he will figure out a way out of this situation.

Stephanie comes into the pub soon after Max leaves and Pete gives her the note from Max.

Kate tells Doctor Jonas that Chelsea is really leaning on him, so to speak - and that she can never find out what happened between them. Yuck. Not another person that is related to Chelsea sleeping with someone that Chelsea likes. Give me a break.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 11, 2008 8:12 PM
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