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Days of Our Lives: Bo Tells Steve About the Cover-Up

Max and Stephanie talk about how he is going to introduce himself to his sister and the many thoughts that have been going through his head since he found out that there might be a sister in his life. He asks the train conductor when the train will arrive and the man tells him that it will get there in an hour and a half but since he knows just about as much French as I know Hindi, it takes Stephanie to translate for him. A little later, they are still not there and they decide to figure out how to find Melanie, who is apparently on Rue Jordin. (They both pronounce it horribly)

Stephanie mentions that there is a boarding school outside of Marseilles and they can find her using that information. A few minutes later Max makes an awkward phone call and gets nothing. Stephanie reprimands him on his approach and asks for the phone. She calls and says that she is a friend of Melanie's and lost her phone number but doesn't want to leave a message. In less than thirty seconds, she found out that Melanie went to school there. The train gets going and they decide to get some kissing on.

Chelsea and Daniel have a nice romantic evening. For them, romance involves making out to some extent. She talks about some of the things that could possibly ruin the evening and then decide to go right back to kissing. She wonders if he has signed the sublet agreement and he has and admits that he is staying in Salem because of her. They talk some more and then they decide to dance to some extremely cheesy music. I have almost never fast forwarded through a scene in DOOL but this was an exception.

Patch lays on the couch and turns off the television, preferring to read the epic work of called Daddy, Don't Drop Me. When Kayla comes out he offers to give a hand with the feeding and then goes right into apologizing for what happened to her father. She says it's not his fault and that it was all Ava's fault. A little later Steve whinges a bit about not being able to sleep. Roman and Marlena come to visit. They talk about the testimony that they are to offer and other things about the case including how one of Ava's men is going to testify. Roman then tells Steve that it's not his fault that any of this happened.

Marlena and Kayla talk about how Ava nearly moved in across the hall and Kayla says that she really wants Ava to go behind bars for good.

John asks Ava if she is finished with her attorney and if so, if she needs some company. She apparently does. She says that EJ is trying to work out a deal with the DA. John says that he is still facing charges. Ava says that they could just leave the country and skip bail. They talk about their various charges and John says that he is innocent and has no problems that are worth fleeing. Ava wonders if the real reason he isn't leaving is Marlena. He tells her that Blondie has no say in his decisions. She says that when she goes to prison, she will lose him and he says she shouldn't resign herself to prison as he knows that his nephew will do everything he can to keep her out of jail.

Bo and Philip find Morgan at the door and wonder why she is there, seemingly having heard everything. They say they were talking about Victor. Philip walks Morgan out and she says that she is worried that the police will never find her father's body. He gives her a big hug and Bo comes out with a disappointed look on his face when he sees it. Philip offers to take her back to the sorority house but she doesn't want to be alone so he says that she should come home with him.

Marlena goes to see Roman, who tells her that the ISA had not yet been able to do with the disk. She actually had come to give him a letter stating that she could not reveal what was discussed in their session. They then talk about Ava almost living across the hall from Steve and Kayla. I am going to guess that Steve and Kayla are now living in what was EJ's apartment - am I wrong?

Marlena passes by Bo's office and sees him looking a bit angry and they discuss it. She offers to help and he says that he can't speak with her. She says that there are others he can see.

Bo asks Morgan if he can have a moment with Philip and he asks him in private if it's the best idea to spend so much time with her when he is a suspect in her father's disappearance. A little later, he gets on the phone and asks for everything they have on the Hollingsworth case. He gets it and starts analyzing it all. Bo gets a mystery phone call, naturally.

John says that he will make a phone call and see what he can do for her and then tells her not to go anywhere. She pours herself another glass of generic wine and then goes to answer the door and of course it is none other than Marlena. They discuss the case and then she asks if she has found a place to live and John comes in and says that she's staying for awhile with him. Marlena asks for a moment alone with John and says that she needs him to be completely honest with her. He says he knows that she is going to ask about Paul Hollingsworth and she asks if he killed Paul.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Morgan says that she could really use a hug. Of course, she gets it.

Patch and Bo have a beer at the pub. Apparently Kayla asked him to talk with Bo. He says it is nothing and Steve does not buy it. Steve says he isn't going to let up until he tells him. Bo tells him that he covered up damning evidence in an investigation and Steve wonders why he would do it and he says that it was to help Philip. Huh oh.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on July 24, 2008 4:45 PM
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