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Days of Our Lives: Someone Offs Paul - Paul Is Dead

We go back a little to yesterday's exciting episode, where Nicole started being a little too friendly to EJ. She suggests that they go upstairs to Victor's room. He sees no use wasting the energy getting up the stairs when the couch is so nice and comfortable. The makeout session continues until Nicole says that perhaps they should not do it at all. She then changes tact and says that it's not happening. He asks if he did something to upset her. She says that she is on top of the world and he says that she is being just a bit hostile. She asks him to leave and states that he is still in love with Sami.

EJ goes to the pub where he gets a single malt scotch. Tony approaches and sits with him and orders a martini. They talk about relationships and how happy Tony is with his. Tony toasts to EJ - that he should soon find happiness. EJ says he's engaging in a little self pity and Tony says he won't hear of it. They talk about his relationship with Sami and how it started with fulfilling Stefano's will. EJ says that there doesn't seem to be much logic in this love he feels for Samantha and Tony tells him that he needs to fight for her. EJ thanks him.

Nicole thinks about how EJ told her that she has been looking in all the wrong places for the right guy. Victor comes in and takes a poke at her and she asks how Kate is doing and he says that she is well. He pours himself a drink and decides that she must be in a bad mood because she made a play for someone and was rejected - and that it must have been EJ. He asks why she is attracted to married men and she tells him to leave her alone. He asks her to leave and not to take anything and she says all she wants is cold, hard cash. After Victor takes off she says that she doesn't really want that.

Marlena says she wants to get her stuff from the mansion. I want to live in a way that I can move all my stuff in one trip. He tells her that he doesn't want her out of the way and just wants to hear him out. She says she is listening. He says he was going to call her but face to face is better. He tells her that his behavior at the pub was wrong - he rudely turned her down at the pub. She says she shouldn't have asked him. He says that he turned her down because he had been hurt by her and he wanted to hurt her back.

She asks about Ava and he says that Ava is just a friend - he doesn't have that many. She wonders whose fault that would be and then says that she didn't mean to hurt him. He says that he realizes that she lost someone she loved and he has been callous; he apologizes for that. He asks her to dinner and she agrees. He gets a phone call about Paul leaving town and he says he will have to call back later. He offers Marlena a drink and they toast to new beginnings. She says that it meant a lot to her that he apologized. He gets another phone call and tells the person to make sure that "he" is found.

Philip and Morgan make out and he briefly stops to say that it isn't right. Chloe of course checks it out. She soon interrupts to yell at him and says that she is just getting warmed up. Chloe says that Philip is trying to get more from Morgan than he is letting on and Morgan defends Philip and takes off, saying she doesn't want to be part of the conversation. There is much arguing and Chloe says that she is starting to have feelings for her. He says the last thing he wants to do is to make her jealous. She says it's obvious that he doesn't have the same feelings for her that she has for him. Philip tells Chloe that she is the only one about whom he is serious and then he gets a phone call. He tells the person to make sure that "he" keeps his mouth shut. He gets off the phone and tells Chloe that he just wants to go somewhere and talk and she reluctantly agrees. Let's see how well that goes.

Max tells Stephanie that he wants Dean Robbins to say the truth - that he is Max's father. Stephanie asks if it is true and he says that it is and then asks them to leave. Max asks why; he needs some help to process. Dean Robbins says he came to see him but when he saw that he had been adopted by the Bradys he backed off. Max accuses him of hiding in the shadows and not giving a damn about him Much argument ensues. The dean says that he doesn't have to tell him anything and Max says that he does in fact have to tell him.

Max says that perhaps the University would like to know about his past - how he seduced his mother, got her pregnant, and then abused her. She died and he was left to foster parents where he was further abused until he was taken in by Frankie and the Brady family. Max says that all he feels for him is hatred. Dean Robbins asks how much money it will take to keep him quiet. Good one. Dean Robbins offers ten thousand dollars and Stephanie says she can't believe this is the case. She calls Max an amazing and decent human being and Dean Robbins bashes Max. Max says that his real father was Sean Brady, who helped people with his kindness and generosity.

Dean Robbins tells him that he should reconsider his offer and Stephanie tells him not to take his money. Max says they can work something out - he wants to know who the woman in the photograph is. Dean Robbins says that he has never seen her before in his life and Max asks again who she is. He wonders if it is his sister and Dean Robbins won't say.

Morgan sees her father at the docks and they have a tearful goodbye. He tells her to stay away from Philip Kiriakis - this time it is different. He asks her to promise it and even though she won't, he tells her that he loves her. A little later, Paul's dead body is rolled into the water by mystery hands. Uh oh.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 19, 2008 9:18 PM
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