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Days of Our Lives: Sami asks EJ to Move Out

Morgan somehow can't seem to get her father on the phone. I wonder why that could be the case. Bo and Hope do some police work. Have I mentioned this is all happening at the pub? Where else would quality police work happen? Morgan almost bumps into Chloe and asks what is wrong with her.

Chelsea takes Hope aside and asks to borrow a pair of Hope's earrings for a date she has. She says that she doesn't want her father to know about the date. She is reluctant to admit it but finally says that the date is with Daniel. Hope brings up the age issue and says that if there will be a second date then they have to tell Bo.

Bo asks Hope a little later what was discussed and she says that Chelsea borrowed earrings. Bo wonders if she has a date and Hope says that she does with someone new... maybe? How vague.

Kate tells a nurse she's ready to go home after she gets checked out but not by Doctor Jonas. She calls Philip for a ride and wonders how long he has been hanging out with Doctor Jonas. Philip insists that she stay at the mansion.

John continues to maintain that he was framed for the drugs on his container. As he leaves, Lucas comes in and sees Sami, who is looking for some large boxes to help EJ move out. EJ comes in and states emphatically that he is not moving out. Lucas says he wishes he could move out. After Lucas takes off, Sami says that he is not being reasonable and EJ brings up their moment of intimacy. They argue and EJ says that if he leaves he will take his son and Sami says he will do no such thing.

Lucas of course takes his monitor off and sneaks away from the mansion again. He goes to find Chloe at her home and says that he is certain that Paul Hollingsworth set the fire. Chloe realizes that Paul is Morgan's father. He says he can't tell the police. Of course, you know what will happen if you saw the Lexie / Tek watch John get shot in December 2006 storyline.

Philip and Doctor Jonas talk about the DiMera / Kiriakis feud being all over the news. They then talk about Brady and Chloe and how possessive Chloe has been of him lately.

Sami says that she wants him to move out for her. EJ says that he doesn't want to leave and John comes in to say that EJ doesn't have to leave. Sami says Marlena won't be happy he sided with EJ and he says that it is his home so the rules are his and she can be thrown out instead of EJ.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 23, 2008 3:23 PM
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