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Days of Our Lives: Philip's Style is Arson

They just seem to not be able to figure out what is wrong with Kate. Of course, when they finally do figure it out it has to be a totally obscure House like problem that they are probably going to solve at the last minute. That's right, her CT scan shows that she has an omental torsion - according to emedicine, "first described omental torsion in 1899; since then, fewer than 250 cases have been reported."

Victor reprimands Philip for the way he has been handling business and wonders if arson happens to be his style. Victor tells him that the business is too much for him and his mother is in the hospital.

EJ tells Nicole that he has found a way to get Nicole the divorce settlement of her dreams. I seriously am baffled by this. Who would leave town for as long as she did when she hadn't even properly settled a divorce? Shouldn't that be something to get it to be thrown out?

He tells her that he wants her to promise that she won't tell anyone that his annulment is valid and she says that she just wants his respect in return. Right. If she wanted his respect she wouldn't have almost told Lucas the truth. She eventually swears using the power of the pinky that she won't tell anyone. A little later EJ approaches Victor with an offer that will expire in five minutes but Victor does not seem interested.

Marlena wonders why her painting is gone and John says that it's because she was gone and wonders if she is going to stay now. Sami comes in and they talk about Eric. Marlena and John argue and John says that he is moving on in life. Sami quietly tells her that they have to stop him before something terrible happens. Sami tells her all about the fire and John says he's going to fight it his way. Marlena wonders if this means he's going to do it the Vitali way. Ava steps in and says that John does need to fight back.

John tells Marlena that he is looking to the future and that means that he's just not the same man with whom she fell in love and she tells him that she is going to move out.

Max and Stephanie argue. They argue and argue and argue. They argue some more and then suddenly they are having sex. Isn't that always how it goes? He tells the room while she is sleeping that he is sorry but he can't tell anyone about 'him' - Dean Robbins?

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 13, 2008 11:07 PM
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Love reading your article! I can't wait till John finds the proof he needs! I have a feeling that Philip will learn a thing or two about business LOL!

-- Posted by: dayslover1 at June 18, 2008 11:17 AM

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