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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Philip Won't Help Paul Anymore

Philip and Paul get into an argument. Philip says that it was Paul's own stupidity that got him into trouble to begin with - he shouldn't have set the fire because it could have costed Philip everything. "You have to suffer the consequences on your own," Philip says. He suggests that he gets out of town as soon as possible and he agrees.

John and Ava have a drink and Ava says that he just clearly needed protection and she was glad to provide it for a friend.

EJ looks for Lucas and takes a pit stop for a drink. John wonders if he can have a little privacy and EJ complains about how he should stay and Lucas should go because EJ is John's nephew and Lucas is nothing at the moment. He feels like he could strangle Sami and Lucas comes in and agrees. So much for privacy. They actually do take off at some point to talk.

Lucas tells EJ that he can't give Sami the life she would want and after she slept with EJ, it's over between them. He is upset that Sami has feelings for EJ. EJ tells him that he has no plans to leave his own home and stomps off.

Nicole and Ava hang out and talk about a problem Nicole is having - she is being freaked out by this guy with whom she spent time. Ava says that if the guy looks at her the wrong way, she will be there to help her.

Hope and Marlena have a conversation that boils down to Hope saying that John needs her help.

Stephanie asks what is really going on between Max and Dean Robbins. Max of course has to lie through his teeth. Another argument between Stephanie and Max. To think, nearly two years ago when I just started writing about DOOL for TV Fodder, Max was with Chelsea and just pining for Stephanie when she arrived in Salem.

Max goes to the Inn and confronts Dean Robbins. Stephanie follows and confronts him over the confrontation. Max tells the Dean that he should just admit the truth to Stephanie and of course the truth will hopefully come out tomorrow.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 18, 2008 3:49 PM
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