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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Max Rejects Dean Robbins

Chelsea and Stephanie have a nice little talk about Max. By little, I mean that little is discussed that hasn't already been discussed in the last two or three weeks. I will therefore spare you the details. They also talk a very little about Doctor Jonas. Ditto for that.

Max lets Dean Robbins into the pub and he immediately starts saying that he wants to make up with Max. Max does the most logical thing and completely refuses and they argue back and forth as to why or why it shouldn't be until Dean Robbins storms out of the pub and wishes him luck as a pub worker. I'm sure that won't possibly go any further.

Bo and Roman tread old territory: by that I mean they talk about how Doctor Jonas is too old for Chelsea. They must not be watching Swingtown these days, what with the school teacher making out with the clearly underage student. Was that considered okay in the seventies? I wasn't born until the year Star Wars Episode IV came out so I don't know too much about that decade.

EJ's little secret - that he is no longer married to Sami - finally comes out when John asks about it and she overhears. They have a nice civil conversation. Just kidding! They argue about it like a couple of ferocious dogs. EJ says that he did it for the sake of staying together and she says that she will never trust him again. Where have I heard these words before? That's right, coming from her!

John and Ava sneak around the lab and John seems to suddenly remember things, like Stefano taunting him about all of his memories being on the disc. He wants to play the disc but Ava stops him. She convinces him that he should at least put it on hold so he puts the disc in a drawer and locks it and says that they won't be looking back that evening - so they kiss. Nummy.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 30, 2008 2:32 PM
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