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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Marlena Wants the Old John Back

I know I said yesterday that not much seemed to happen but somehow they managed to pull it off again and not much happened. I feel as though we are being led into something major for next week. This is what was on the table for today:

Philip and Victor argue about the whereabouts of Paul Hollingsworth. The whereabouts are of course never actually revealed. Philip then proceeds to call Morgan because he decided he wanted to cheer her up. How very nice of him.

Tony and Anna have a nice dinner together. Tony tells Anna that he wants her to work with his business and she rejects the offer. When Tony is away, the owner of her company tells her that the company is shutting down and apologizes. Anna suddenly has an interest in working with Tony's firm. He soon finds out the real reason she suddenly accepts his offer.

Daniel and Chelsea share saliva. I will say no more.

John somehow manages to make out with Ava. She says that something feels right about it. He for some reason can't stop thinking about the disc. She says that he should probably go ahead and just destroy the disc. I wonder if he does destroy the disc and then it turns out to be a fake disc that Marlena just planted to see what his reaction would be. He goes off to the secret laboratory and Ava decides she wants to go with him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 27, 2008 1:32 PM
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