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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lucas Loves to Whine

Lucas is on the phone with Mickey's answering service. He tells the service that he can't stay there any longer and then when he sees Sami tells the machine that he has to go. That's the kind of brain trust with which we are working, people. He tells an answering machine he has to go. Sami tries to plea with him to stay but he's not interested. When his mother shows up he suddenly seems interested in staying and he tells her to stay out of things. Then of course EJ comes in to tell everyone that they are still married (briefly interrupted by Nicole reminding him that he told her while drunk that he wasn't really still married).

Bo and Hope talk about how great it is that their own home is even so green that they are able to sell electricity to the city of Salem. Is that even possible in the midwest? I know that Peter Reckell does that at his personal home in LA but in places where there is real winter and it gets below zero, I find it hard to believe people could do that.

Philip meets up with a woman called Yvonne and asks her to crack the disc that he stole from John. Chloe looks on and looks jealous as usual.

Kayla thinks about how things went with her darling little son and gets very upset when Patch comes in to tell her that things have apparently taken a turn for the worse. They go to the hospital and call everyone they know, just about - to get them to get their prayer on, of course.

John has an interesting conversation with Hope in the pub. She says that old John never would have brought drugs into the country and he says that the new John didn't do it, either. A little later, John gets a phone call from Philip. They agree to meet. He leaves and runs into Nicole, who asks where he is going and if she could get a ride and he tells her to take the bus. She tells the air that not telling her just makes her curious.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 3, 2008 8:33 PM
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