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Days of Our Lives: Lexie's Son is Autistic

Sami finds Lucas and Chloe together. Lucas has, of course, just taken off his ankle bracelet again. How he hasn't managed to get caught yet is beyond me. It's not long before John comes in to wonder what someone who is close to Philip is doing there. He immediately goes for assuming that she is a spy and Chloe gets ready to tell all but Lucas stops her. John tells Chloe that she has to go and so will Lucas if he invites Chloe again.

Sami says that Lucas has to stay and John says the fighting stops if he leaves and he is after all on her side. Sami wonders how that's possible since he didn't kick EJ out and John says that EJ is family, after all. Sami and John go to the gym and Sami immediately goes to tell EJ that he is being selfish. Do we really need to rehash this conversation?

Ava and Nicole talk with John about how Nicole needs some help from him and John wonders how he can help. Nicole says that her settlement has been finalized and that she is ready to move on; she then tells him that EJ and Sami are no longer married because the annulment was valid. He wonders what he can do with that information and she tells him to do whatever he wants.

Chloe and Lucas discuss how they are going to convince the police that she saw Paul Hollingsworth.

Philip meets up with his Hong Kong contact who says that she found brain waves on the disc but couldn't get any further than that. He immediately turns around and calls Marlena to tell her that he has information about John. Marlena comes over to the Kiriakis mansion and he says that the disc could help John get his memory back. She thinks she should get Roman involved and he cautions her that if she does, she won't get the disc. She agrees and promises not to say where she got the disc.

Max and Caroline have yet another one of their fine conversations about how he is doing and why he seems to be hiding things from her. He tells her that he doesn't want to have anything to do with his biological father and Caroline thinks that's a mistake.

Lexie and Abe hem and haw and talk around a mystery condition that Theo has until finally at the end of the episode she tells Marlena that Theo is autistic. Apparently, the head writer has some real life experience with the subject so she's bringing that to the table, so to speak.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 24, 2008 5:42 PM
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