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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Good Timing, Marlena

Max and Dean Robbins argue about the grant and whether Nick should keep the money for the grant. Much argument. Dean Robbins tells Max that if he harasses him again he will be forced to call the police. Which of Max's brothers do you want to bet would show up in those circumstances? Dean Robbins says he might just cancel the grant.

Morgan finds Chloe and Philip making out. She declares that she has to go. This somehow leads to Philip saying that he didn't plant the drugs on John's ship. He gets a call from Paul saying that John will not know what hit him. A little later, Bo comes to see Philip. He asks if he knows anything about the fire by the docks - they suspect arson. He tells Philip that it will be investigated thoroughly and leaves. Chloe asks if he did it. Philip says he had nothing to do with the fire. He then tells Chloe that he's only interested in being with her. Nice one.

Nick and Max have a conversation by the docks where they happen to spot a fire burning a warehouse for impounded goods. Nick tells him that he should take an IQ test to see how smart he really is. Later, Max tells Dean Robbins that he will expose him for the fraud he is if he won't let Nick finish his prototype.

John shows Ava around the mansion. She talks about how her father used his money to control her.

Lucas and Sami argue about his whereabouts. Naturally, he won't admit that he removed his ankle bracelet and she won't even bring it up. John tells them to stop arguing. Sami says they are fine and John says that he wants some quiet and then she attacks him for being with Ava. She says she can't wait for Marlena to come home. Soon, Hope comes to give some less than stellar news - one of his warehouses burned down to the ground.

John immediately says that it was Philip and that he will have to take care of this problem before it gets any worse. Ava is impressed with the way he deals with his problems. She goes for a kiss. They then talk about how he has dealt with Philip and wonders why he didn't fight from the start and of course Marlena walks in and says it's because she didn't want him to do so. Oh, good timing, Marlena.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 12, 2008 10:46 PM
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