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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: EJ Wishes He Hadn't Told Nicole

Nicole wants to see EJ since he is her lawyer. Sami comes home with Lucas, their daughter, and the police. Plenty of fighting as EJ comes home to see the police and asks why they are there and he gets a good explanation. EJ tells Sami that Lucas should be in jail if he can't stay in the perimeter; the police officer tells him as much. EJ and Lucas argue about their kids and EJ tells Sami that he is not to be left with the children. When Sami tells Lucas as much, he says that she is clearly siding with EJ. Well, duh.

Lexie tells Daniel that she really wants him to stay at the hospital. He is such a great surgeon. (Not to mention she needs a Tek replacement... actually that reminds me, how is it possible that Lexie is alive and Tek is still MIA? They were in the car together, Lexie ended up in the tunnel, and what happened to Tek?)

Philip and Victor argue about who Philip can or cannot see. Victor says, "I can't believe you would choose a piece of trash over your own family." Now, now, Chloe is not trash - trash gets picked up. Victor asks if he thinks that she will stay with him after she finds out that he planted the drugs on John's ship.

John and Max look like they are in a western, only Max is acting like a complete idiot. Stephanie manages to step in between them. Ava of course has to somehow get involved. John and Ava talk about his life including how he has no idea who he used to be.

Nicole is already trying to get EJ in trouble. She calls Lucas, who wants to hang up on him. She promises he won't want to hang up when she says what she has to say. Anyone want to bet that EJ will hang up the phone for her? Huh, just a little reminiscent of when EJ called Lucas using Sami's phone - remember that?

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 5, 2008 11:28 PM
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