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Days of Our Lives: EJ Kisses Nicole

Lucas frets with Sami and the twins and despairs that he can't seem to calm Johnny down. Sami says that there's only one person who can calm Johnny down and that is his father, EJ. Lucas wonders why Johnny's mother can't make him feel better and Sami says that EJ sings a song to Johnny. Lucas says he can sing a song, too and Sami doubts that but then agrees to get Johnny. Lucas tries making some faces but they don't work. Lucas then puts on his best fake English accent and sings the song and it works. They are quite chuffed about their accomplishment when Sami gets a phone call from Maggie saying that EJ is making a scene with Nicole and Sami says that he's not her husband and it's not her problem. She hangs up and soon picks up her purse, heading out.

EJ is at the Chez Rouge bar with Nicole, quite a bit over the line of tipsy. He says he never thought it would be so much fun to get rid of the ball and chain for the evening. Nicole says she's not quite his ball and chain but he is more fun without her. They are about to kiss when he pushes her off and says that they should get some food. Nicole sighs that she could really be falling for him.

Nicole shows EJ how to take tequila shots. Funny, I have never kissed my friends while sucking on the lime afterwards. EJ tells Nicole after great hesitation that he is planning on telling Sami that they are still married because the annulment was null and void due to their marital relations. He thinks that Sami didn't really want the annulment so she will be happy. The secret is that the annulment really was valid. They take another shot and then Nicole asks for clarification on what he said.

Nicole worries that it will backfire if Sami ever finds out and he says that she won't find out because only they know about it. Nicole tells him that his secrets are safe with her and he says that he doesn't know what she means. She tells him that the world wouldn't end if he didn't end up with Sami and he says that he knows that he is meant to be with her. Nicole wonders if Lucas doesn't feel the same way and EJ says prison may have spun his head around but he doubts that he is into him. Nicole wonders if Lucas is perhaps different - he did shoot EJ, after all. EJ points out that he shot him in the back like a coward and he hasn't forgotten that;

Bo dances with Hope and says that it has been awhile since he danced with his wife and asks how his shoulder is doing. She says she is fine but how is he? He says he is looking forward to some physical activity later. He tells her that she is the most beautiful woman in the room. Hope says she's very happy to have him back; alive and healthy. He says that it's important to make the best of every moment as one never knows what will happen and she asks him not to speak that way.

A little later they are sitting and talking and Hope wonders if he's up to a little salsa dancing. They go for it, so I guess the answer was yes. Bo dips and sways her and she says that he is amazing. She suggests that they get out of there and he says that she read his mind. They suddenly spot Paul Hollingsworth and suggest they have a talk with him.

Abe asks John if he was aware of the drugs on his container and he answers that he had nothing to do with the drugs on the container. Abe wonders if he is acting as his own attorney and John says that his attorney is working on personal matters. Roman comes in followed by a police officer with a folder which apparently has in it a "good reason" for John to plead guilty at his arraignment.

They show him the manifest which showed the ship having made a stop in a certain city in Mexico, one of the largest producers of cocaine. John says they have nothing but speculation and Roman says that he is looking guiltier by the second. John says that the document was doctored and states plainly that Philip Kiriakis was the one that planted the drugs. Abe wonders if he is going to tell them what they want to hear and he tells them that he is done. Roman tells officer Gonzalez to take John to night court for his arraignment.

John comes back and says that he pleaded innocent and is ready to pay his obscenely large bail but they tell him it has been covered by Marlena. They don't know where she is to be found.

Chelsea and Philip discuss Nicole and EJ and whether there is something going on between them but Philip can't help but think back to playing darts with Morgan. He is obviously interested in women that like to pin his shirt to dartboards. Chloe asks what he is thinking about and he tells her that she doesn't want to know. She says she is going to go to her room and he tells her to stay awhile - didn't she want some fun with no strings?

She says she certainly wants fun and so he dives right in. Oh yes, they go right to town, so to speak. They then have a dull conversation followed by Chloe mysteriously finding the John disc. He tells her to leave it be and then decides that it is time to go and get something to eat. A little later, Chloe wonders if he was on the phone and he says that he was not.

Stephanie calls Morgan to apologize for their leaving and Morgan asks what happened that caused them to leave so abruptly. Stephanie says that they felt as though they were dressed too casually and decided to go to her parent's new place. Stephanie apologizes for Morgan making the trip for nothing and Morgan says it's no big deal. Stephanie tells Max it was uncomfortable lying to her friend and won't let him leave until he tells her the truth. Haven't we already heard this conversation? Max blabbers about how he just wants to make her question, and isn't that enough? Stephanie tells him that she hopes that when he is ready, he will talk to her.

Morgan sees her father and wonders why he isn't worried about the drug bust at the docks. He says it has nothing to do with him and she asks if he really isn't related to it at all. He asks what she is trying to say and she says that she just heard rumors about the drug bust. He tells her to just say what is on her mind. Bo and Hope come over to say hello and Bo asks him if he knows anything about what happened at the docks.

Just in time, Philip calls Paul and Paul says he knows why he is calling but he can't talk as he is in the middle of something. Paul tells Bo and Hope that he knows nothing about what happened but will look into it as soon as he is reinstated.

EJ continues taking shots when Sami comes in and tells him that he is coming home. After quite a bit of struggle she drags him out and Nicole is left wondering who is going to pay for the drinks. Nicole looks at her lime and calls it Sami and says she can't have it both ways and perhaps she should tell Sami the truth.

Bo and Hope leave and both think that he was lying.

John arrives home and says that he is out of jail thanks to his lovely wife and wonders if she is around. Lucas says he hasn't seen her and doesn't even know where Sami is to be found. Sami comes in with EJ and Lucas of course accuses Sami of being jealous of Nicole. John soon comes downstairs with a note from Marlena saying that she has left him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on June 2, 2008 4:20 PM
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