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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Something Seriously Wrong with Kayla

As Philip and Chloe discuss various matters, Nicole comes in to ruin things. They talk about the opera house that Victor was planning on building. Nicole decides to tell Philip that she really cares about him. A likely story.

Sami asks Marlena to kindly watch her twins so that she can go and stalk her husband at the gym. Marlena finds John still talking to his security company and for some reason Daniel comes in to say hello. He also is apparently there to get some advice on his relationship with Chelsea, if you want to call it a relationship. He wants to know how to fall out of love. Marlena tells him that he clearly already knows what he wants to do and just wants her affirmation.

At the gym, Sami gets upset seeing EJ helping a woman work out. I wonder what is up with that. Curiously, EJ decides to call Nicole to invite her to the gym.

Chelsea and Kate have a nice chat at the pub about Daniel. Chelsea asks how to get someone to realize that he loves her. She also tells her about how she and Nick broke up along with the story of Doctor Jonas' late wife. Chelsea wants to know how she can get Doctor Jonas to want to get into a relationship with her and Kate says she shouldn't pursue a relationship with Doctor Jonas.

Hope gets a call from Bo who tells her that Patch is in big trouble - and would she kindly not tell Kayla? Meanwhile, Patch continues hanging out at the docks and has a gunman with him in his sights. Fortunately, it's not too long before Bo has a gun of his own on the gunman and Hope helps apprehend the jerk.

Ava goes to tell Martino that he can't allow any harm to come to Patch and before he can really properly respond, Bo comes in to arrest him for attempted murder. Well, he tells Hope to arrest him, anyhow.

Kayla suddenly isn't feeling so great. She struggles but manages to make a phone call.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 14, 2008 6:49 PM
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