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Days of Our Lives: Sami Signs the Annulment Papers

John can't believe that his own wife stuck him with some drugs. EJ comes in to offer his services as a lawyer. John starts by offering him whatever it takes to get him out of handcuffs and EJ says that he hit Roman and so it will be hard to do. After John is taken away, Sami asks EJ to please help John and he of course agrees. EJ steps away and Lucas comes in for some more argument. Sami swears that she isn't in love with EJ. (She just happens to love him.)

EJ of course stomps in and says he's glad to know that is how she feels and then when Sami gets the annulment papers he tells her that he has already signed them and leaves while she is signing them. He goes to the police station to stand up for John. It's amazing when you think about it - didn't he shoot John? They hinted at the possibility that someone other than EJ shot John but never followed through with it. Marlena tells them they can't put John in jail and Roman reminds her that it's not the same John they knew and loved.

Daniel and Bo talk. Daniel thinks it's going to be about Chelsea, of course. I'm surprised that Chris Hanson hasn't made an appearance yet. Actually, Bo wants to discuss making the pub environmentally friendly. He says he knows more about hospitals. Naturally (no pun intended) Nick is soon involved in the conversation and Doctor Jonas wonders if something is upsetting him and he says that he should ask Chelsea.

Chelsea confronts Ava and tells her that she is her problem. Ava wonders who she is and she says that she is Bo and Hope's daughter. She tells her everything she has ever done wrong to her family and then tells her to stay away from them. As Chelsea takes off, John is brought in looking not too thrilled.

Chelsea walks right into the pub when her name is mentioned. Bo wonders what is going on. Of course, he doesn't exactly find out.

Chloe visits Philip and tells him that she is going to leave Salem. Well this could end either of two ways - she could actually leave or he convinces her to stay. He attempts to stop her with a kiss and it works pretty well. A messenger soon arrives with good news for Chloe in the form of divorce papers. She takes it as bad news, of course, until Philip tells her that she deserves better.

John calls out to Marlena to help him. Oh, John.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 27, 2008 5:42 PM
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