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Days of Our Lives: Roman Confronts John

Daniel gives Lexie some advice - he tells her to see a doctor. Funny, doesn't she already see a doctor? Moreover, isn't he a doctor? I suppose he's not the kind of doctor Daniel has in mind. A little later, Lexie sees Abe who has come to have breakfast with her and she says she is too busy. They argue. They eventually do have breakfast and agree that they should have a date a week at least. Naturally they get back to arguing once he finds out that she talked to Daniel about their relationship. He says, "I don't know who the hell you are anymore."

Morgan and Chelsea are just trying to get some studying done and both Philip and John come by to interrupt. A little later, Morgan and Chelsea talk about Doctor Jonas and then even later yet, Philip tells Morgan that he can get the DA to help her father if he can get some information about John. By show of hands, who is hoping that John gets his memories back soon?

Sami and Marlena talk about Lucas and how EJ is so great with the twins. EJ and Lucas nearly beat each other up. Lucas tells EJ to move out. Right, move out of his own home. Sami and Marlena interrupt. EJ says he wants a truce with Lucas and he is not interested. All of the nice bickering stops when a bottle of wine arrives for EJ. EJ explains that it was just business with Nicole but Sami is clearly jealous.

Rolf comes to see Sami with some warm milk, which is apparently disgusting. Sami wonders if he has ever done anything that was so bad that he regretted it while doing it. Sami wishes she could speak with Lucas and poof, there he is. She profusely apologizes for everything she did and he kisses her.

Roman goes to see John and of course there are problems. He tells him that there are problems with his shipments at the docks. I wonder who made that happen.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 23, 2008 10:07 PM
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