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Days of Our Lives: Lucas Conditionally Released as Sami and EJ Get Together

Apparently neither Kayla nor Patch are allowed to go and see their child. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty peeved if I thought my newborn baby could die at any time and I wasn't allowed to even see the baby. Kayla asks all kinds of questions about her baby but Lexie thinks that she would misinterpret it due to being upset.

Chelsea tells Bo that there's no need to come to the hospital since he can't help much. Stephanie tells Chelsea that they could really use a miracle. Chelsea thinks that Daniel could be that miracle. After Chelsea leaves, Stephanie worries about her baby brother and Max tells her that he will be fine.

Nick comes to visit a little later and immediately sets in on Max, asking what he did to his papers. He apparently won the grant money but he wants to make sure the work was his. Max says he's obviously not clever enough to change his papers and offers the original. Nick says that he will find out if he is messing around with him.

Chelsea finds Doctor Jonas in the locker room, wearing not much. She asks for help with Kayla's baby.

EJ tries to go to see Sami but he hesitates. Sami notices that he is there. She says that it's time for them to move on. Great timing, guys. They explain why they are now ready to move forward. She says she realized that since she more or less forced herself on Austin and he eventually forgave her, she would be sort of hypocritical to not forgive him for doing the same. They agree to never discuss the night of the rape again.

Lucas meets up with Mickey, his lawyer. Mickey tells him that he can get out of prison right away if he agrees to wear a security monitoring bracelet. Apparently the prison is so overcrowded that they need to displace people like Lucas. It's not too long before Maggie comes in to give him some donuts from Alice. Lucas bemoans how he pushed away Sami. After some discussion, it is revealed that Lucas will be released.

Sami and EJ then talk about the kisses and she admits that after the first kiss, she wanted more. He says that he and Nicole are history. There is some kissing and a little later EJ asks Sami how it was - you can guess what they did. She dives in for some more. Aw, how sweet.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 19, 2008 5:05 PM
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