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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Lucas Catches Sami with EJ

Kayla has a bad dream that Patch tells her that their baby has passed away. Ah, bad dreams in DOOL. It's better than the baby coming back as a zombie, or something. They talk about possibly having a baby shower. They finally come up with a name for the baby, who was apparently born in the 50's - Joe Johnson. Nice.

Roman and Anna talk about Tony and their love. After Tony and Kate come in for whatever reason, Tony and Anna take off and Roman and Kate are left to talk about how she was involved with Martino. He used to be a client and then there is some miscellaneous prattling.

Abe and Lexie go to see a marriage counselor and they talk about supporting each other, not supporting each other, etc. Abe says he isn't happy with how she seems to treat Theo. The good doctor tells them they probably argue too much in front of Theo.

Anna and Tony talk about their relationship. Anna apparently feels that she is in his shadow and Tony says that he is going to do something to fix that so of course she thinks that he is ending it with her. Actually, he proposes to her. Aww.

Bo is quite upset about how he had to take down Martino. Hope says that it is over, at least. He says he's not so sure that it actually is over. A little later, Bo helps to close the pub and we get to see Ciara for the first time in awhile.

Lucas comes to the DIMera mansion. Sami and EJ are, of course, still in bed together. Lucas goes up to the bedroom and is shocked to say the least. Lucas takes off and Sami runs after him. She says that she thought he wasn't going to come back and he says that he is going to take his daughter and leave. Guess the ankle bracelet hasn't sunk in yet.

Lucas tells the police officer there to kindly please remove his bracelet because he wants to leave. Well, that was fast. The police officer is not interested. Lucas and Sami argue over what happened and Lucas tells her to get Allie. Then he tells her to take her to bed. Good move. He tells Sami that they are done but Sami says they are not. Great argument.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 21, 2008 9:34 PM
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