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Days of Our Lives: John Gets Arrested

Apparently, there were some drugs in John's containers - half a million dollars worth of cocaine. John is convinced that someone planted the coke there. John says he will prove he had nothing to do with the drugs and Roman says that he will not.

Philip and EJ talk about the to-do at the docks and Chloe soon comes in to make her own commentary which is of course never needed. It's even sooner that Nicole comes in to buy drinks for everyone on the occasion of her getting her dear Pookie back. When Philip points out she has no money she offers him the chance to buy drinks instead. Chloe and Nicole have one of their usual arguments.

Sami and Lucas argue. What's new, Samicat? Not much, it seems. Sami says that EJ was marvelous with the babies and was there for her when he wasn't. She asks if he is really intending on running away with Allie. He says that he never told her to have sex with EJ, even the first time - and she surely could have prevented that from happening. She kicks him out and when he comes back to apologize she tells him to leave again. He asks her if she has any feelings for EJ and she admits that she does.

While arguing yet again, Sami gets a phone call and proceeds to tell Lucas that he wouldn't have been freed had EJ not made a statement to the police that he held no animosity toward him. Lucas sees it as manipulation, of course. More arguing. Lucas says that she is acting like a fool, doing the things with EJ that she did.

Stephanie goes to find Max and says she was worried about him. After plenty of discussion, they go to the pub where Chloe and Nicole are still arguing. Our dear friend Abe Carver comes in and tells Philip that he has some questions for him. He takes him aside and basically accuses him of setting everything up for John.

John and Roman have a rather unpleasant physical altercation. I guess that would be one way of referring to it. Marlena responds by going off and Roman starts to arrest John. John wants nothing to do with handcuffs. As the arrest continues Marlena sticks it to John - a needle, that is. He can't believe it. She says that he has to trust her; they would have hurt him and that would have been no good.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 26, 2008 4:04 PM
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