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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: John Discovers The Disc With His Memories

Kate and Tony make commercial magic together. You'd think the people writing the script had never seen a commercial before from the way these scenes go. Then again, Tony notices just as much. Anna shows up - apparently she is going to be in the commercial, too. Let me rephrase that - she's just there and the commercial director asks her to be in the commercial. Kate's not too thrilled about this.

John tells Marlena that if she wants to use his computer, he'll need something in return from her. It involves making out, of course. When EJ and Sami walk in he tells them not to interrupt when he is hard at work with Doc and Sami immediately thinks this means that the old John is back. Rolf drops the tray he was carrying when he hears this. Oh of course this isn't the case. They start talking about redecorating and John says he wants to get rid of the portrait of Stefano. I wonder if this is how the disc is found. Shock! They remove the portrait and the wall safe is revealed.

They open up the safe and find the disc. John puts it aside and says he will look at it later. This somehow leads to a discussion about John testifying on behalf of EJ.

Kayla says that the pills that Ava is taking are only making her worse, not better. Who is surprised? I guess that suspense from yesterday wasn't really warranted. Apparently they are anti-seizure drugs that make her just a little bit crazy. We find out that Ava attempted to kill herself after Patch left her at the altar.

A rather rough looking man talks to Earl - who isn't the character from the hit NBC show with a name that involves Earl - but rather the jerk that threatened Stephanie. He says he shouldn't worry about anything and Earl is relieved. A little later, Earl is suddenly dead on the ground and the man tells his people to take care of the rest.

Ava smiles when the very same man comes in and says he got there as soon as he could. Kayla asks who he is and he says that he is Ava's father.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 2, 2008 10:11 PM
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