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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Chloe and Philip Have Sex

Ava, former alcoholic, goes back to her old ways at the Brady Pub of all places. Kind of reminds me of the bar in the show Cheers but without a snarky set of bartenders. She reads about EJ being indicted for fraud and thinks about his being her lawyer.

Morgan and Max discuss a paper and he manages to find errors in it. They can't help but wonder where Stephanie might be. The two gentlemen who were filming Morgan come back to start at it again. They recognize Max and are shocked to find out that he works at the Brady pub. This leads to an extremely uncomfortable conversation.

EJ comes to his own home looking for his own wife and Marlena discourages him from doing so. She wonders if he thinks that Lucas walking in on him with his wife will lead to Lucas no longer wanting to be with Sami. EJ points out that just as she is not going to give up on John, he is not going to give up on Samantha. He has no intention to interfere between Lucas and Sami (any more than he already has). The conversation switches gears to John.

Marlena goes to see Roman and after briefly giving her thoughts about John (the drugs were planted, we know) they talk about how Sami slept with EJ willingly.

Chloe shows Philip a thing or three in the bedroom. Nicole comes in to be quite surprised. Nicole starts talking trash about Chloe straight away. Philip gets her right out of there. Chloe wants to leave but Philip convinces her to stay.

Nicole goes to the pub where she and Ava chat it up a bit. They talk about how men are scum. It has apparently been a long time since Ava has been with a man - Patch, to be exact. Nicole says she will help him get a man and this is when EJ approaches.

Stephanie is talking Kayla down yet again. Kayla is upset that they won't be able to take their baby home quite yet. They go to see Joe in the ICU. They give him lots of love before they leave, of course. Back at home everything has been nicely redone thanks to Patch and Stephanie. Kayla says it is all wonderful but is missing one thing - their baby.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 28, 2008 7:55 PM
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i think that phillip from days of our lives needs a lot more having sex with woman seens.

-- Posted by: Brandon Champlain at December 8, 2008 8:50 PM

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