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Days of Our Lives: Chelsea Kisses Doctor Jonas

Kate meets up with Martino. They compliment each other and Martino says that he owes everything to her, whatever that means. It's not too long before Doctor Jonas joins them and he is clearly confused. They have a nice long talk and somehow Martino convinces Doctor Jonas to help his daughter with her problems, many though they are. Well, perhaps it's not Martino directly that convinces him - but he eventually comes around to it.

Bo comes in a little later with some convincing of his own. He gets Martino's thugs out of the way and then starts talking mano a mano with Martino himself. Sadly, not much is done in this conversation.

Max and Stephanie start out pretty well but then end up arguing about Nick's grant proposal. He tells her that he spent the night copying it over and she suspects that it would take less than all night to just copy a dirtied grant proposal. Nick comes around and manages not to find his grant proposal which he left behind and takes off, saying he will deal with it later since Chelsea is far more important to him.

Abe and Lexie talk about their relationship but then Roman comes in and Lexie tells him that Ava is ready to face the noise for everything she did. She, of course, hears everything. Not too much later, it is not only revealed that Ava's former therapist was murdered but she has also made bail. Wonderful.

After some quality time talking with both her father and Nick, Chelsea gets to see Doctor Jonas, who tells her that he is apparently not leaving Salem any time soon. He doesn't know what to do about her since he doesn't seem to want to get involved - well, Nick still is in the picture, right? She tells him to go with what he is feeling and kisses him. Cheating is cheating, I say.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 7, 2008 7:51 PM
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