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Days of Our Lives: Bo Shoots Martino

Sami complains to Rolf about EJ's latest tactics. They debate love and who is in love with whom. They have a remarkably interesting conversation about love and fear which has nothing to do with Donnie Darko. Rolf tells her that EJ is trying to get Lucas out of prison. She can't believe that he would do something like that for her.

At the gym, EJ tells Nicole he's not interested in doing anything with her. They discuss Lucas and how EJ is trying to help him get out of prison. Nicole wonders why he would do that. A little later EJ returns home only to find himself face to face with yet another argument with his wife.

They somehow end up talking about the night of the rape and how he has been trying to change and be a better person ever since that night. He tells her that he hopes they can have a clean slate one day because he truly is sorry. She says he can have a clean slate and of course Nicole barges in to be a jerk.

Max tells Stephanie that he's really sorry. All of his lies really upset her because she has a bad past when it comes to lying people. Insert lots of making out.

Kayla tries calling for an ambulance and her husband comes in right on time. She says that it is just too soon. The paramedic team goes to town. Patch tells her that her baby will be just fine.

Bo tells Martino that they found a black book that belonged to Ava's doctor on the person who killed him, presumably. Martino says he has no way of proving the man works for him and Ava says she can prove it. This is of course when Angelo tells her that her doctor kept giving her the bad drugs because he was ordered to do so by her father. She and Martino argue and suddenly he grabs a gun. Fun times! Ayup, he ends up getting shot dead.

Soon, Bo gets a call from Steve saying that Steve and Kayla are at the hospital. I wonder what is going to happen.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 15, 2008 7:15 PM
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