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Days of Our Lives: Bo Punches Martino

Back to making out - Chelsea and Doctor Jonas. Until, of course, he calls it off and says that it's wrong and they can't continue doing it. Of course they can, she says. He wonders why things have to be so complicated and she says that they don't and they go back to town. They somehow decide to discuss Nick and she says that he deserves someone that wants him as much as he wants her. Doctor Jonas kisses her and says he can't get involved with her - now. She wonders if it is a timing thing and he says they can't ever be together due to so many things - age being one of them.

She can't believe he's using the "age" thing and asks if he is married. Bourah, bourah, ew. They talk about a future relationship and Daniel says that there is no chance for one between them.

A little later, Chelsea and Nick meet up at the pub and she just lets him have it. She breaks up with him, that is. Of course, he takes it well and says that they will always be friends. How wonderful for them.

Marlena looks at the new portrait of her and John asks if she likes it. She says it's a little much - it's embarrassing and asks him to take it down. He says it's a monument to their history - the roller coaster ride of their past. She asks what he knows of their past and he said that someone filled him in but he can't say. Sami comes in and says that she is the one that told him everything. Marlena wishes that she hadn't and John says that apparently they could both be jerks when it was necessary. He brings up some stuff she is not interested in being repeated.

Sami welcomes EJ back and asks where he was and he says he was with a potential client. She says it was clear he was with Nicole. They argue about this point and he says he has some new clients and he says that they should go to the mall. She says they should focus on moving out. She then mentions the encounter with John the previous night where they bonded - and she feels guilty for some of the things she said.

Nicole goes to the police station to ask them to help with being thrown out of her own home and Roman walks her out and then goes back to speaking with Ava. Ava asks where she is supposed to go and Roman says it's not his concern so long as she doesn't leave town. They get a phone call from the pub where, apparently, Bo went "ballistic" and punched Ava's father.

EJ and Sami are intrigued by John and Marlena's discussion but when the fax machine lights up EJ goes for it. There is a round of get-the-fax from EJ but he prevails and it turns out that his visa was renewed. One fewer thing about which we need to worry. Then Sami says they can now get their marriage annulled and he somehow construes this to mean that she likes him.

Bo and Martino argue. Bo says if it weren't for him, his father would still be alive and calls him an SOB. What a badass. Bo then tells him to turn around and put his hands behind his head and begins arresting him. Ava comes in and asks what is going on and he says that her father is going down and there's nothing she can do - and she agrees, oddly enough. Bo starts reading his rights only to be stopped mid right reading by Roman and Abe who have reason on their side - there are no charges to be brought.

Ava is about to leave but Martino stops her and she says she wants nothing to do with him as she is finally see him as he really is - she finally feels free. Ava tells them that she can help them if they help her and they agree that they should put her up at the Salem Inn. Abe thinks that might be a bad choice as Steve and Kayla STILL live there and she promises not to bother them.

Martino tells his thugs that they have to take care of Patch and Bo.

Roman tells Bo to leave the police work to police who don't have messed up body parts and he says that they have to get him before he moves on to others.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on May 8, 2008 9:55 PM
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