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Days of Our Lives: The Escape From The Vitali Compound

Marlena asks about a dinner that John has set up and they discuss how he is going to have Nicole over for dinner and the ramifications of it and John wonders if she is jealous. As the conversation blathers on back and forth until John points out that the dinner is strictly business. I wonder what the point of this storyline is going to be.

Abe and Roman get together at the pub where they discuss the kidnapping of Hope, Kayla, Bo and Steve. They can 't believe that somehow the four of them got involved in something that started as Patch being with Martino Vitali's daughter.

Kayla enters the bedroom just in time to see Patch and Ava together. She is of course outraged but her husband calms her down and he doesn't even have to use the strategy that Eddie Murphy refers to as saying that it wasn't him.

Bo manages to get himself free and then knocks the guards out. After untying Hope they go into the bedroom where they find everyone arguing and Patch manages to grab the gun from Ava. Good going, Patch. He points out that they shouldn't leave because Stephanie might be in danger - how would their staying help her? They call her and she answers not - as she is busy being with Max.

Soon, Abe and Roman are at the compound and they manage to swoop in and arrest Ava. Soon Angelo makes a phone call and tells someone that "It's a go."

Victor and Nicole have a long argument about Nicole being kicked out of the house as well as Chloe. Nicole says that she has some dirt on him and is not afraid to use it. It is later resolved when Philip says that Chloe should not have been kicked out.

Max and Stephanie are together and they are quite friendly with one another. Max even asks mysterious bartender Pete if he can cover for him and he of course agrees and so Max and Stephanie get to have some more 'them' time. The whole time that they are together, the creepy guy that has been following Stephanie keeps an eye on her. Naturally, the very second that Max takes off, the creepy guy confronts Stephanie and tells her that she had better not move or she will die. How nice of him.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 25, 2008 10:59 PM
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