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Days of Our Lives: Sami Punches Nicole

Daniel proclaims that he has figured out what is wrong with Chelsea. She is apparently suffering from something called peritonitis. I have no idea what that means but that's what she has. Daniel says that antibiotics and probiotics are the way to go. Probiotics I know all about because my mother used to have me take them whenever I was on antibiotics. They're so your body doesn't suffer too much - antibiotics don't know the difference between bad bacteria and good bacteria so it goes for all of it.

Sami and EJ have a fun and exciting escapade at the gym - presumably the same gym where Lucas had to give EJ CPR due to electric shock from saving Sami's life. Anyhow, Sami has the kids with the gym babysitter and they are there to get their workout on. Nicole is soon there and makes fun of Sami. Nicole's trainer (I think she's her trainer) is there to tell Nicole that she needs to really improve if she wants to get into better shape. A little later, Nicole takes it upon herself to play with one of Sami's kids and Sami flips out and yells at her and then gives her a nice punch. Nicole immediately wants to sue. Oh, Nicole.

Paul and John meet up and they talk about business. John asks Paul if he ever took money from Philip or Victor and he doesn't say anything so he has to assume that he means that he did. What he should be asking is where Ringo and George are. I'm kidding. I don't know why it took me this long to make that connection. Paul says he didn't take any money from the Kiriakis family. They discuss matters further and John gives him some money and tells him not to worry as things will sort themselves out.

A little later John is at the gym where he overhears Philip asking about Chelsea. He calls Paul and tells him that the time is right to make a move because the Kiriakis family is busy with a family crisis. Speaking of John, Nicole tells Sami that she has a date with him. She is none too pleased.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 22, 2008 4:04 PM
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