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Days of Our Lives: Nicole Ruins EJ and Sami's Dinner

Chelsea asks what Doctor Jonas thinks of the cafe and he says that he does. He asks her to tell him her story - what does she do for fun? She says she is a pretty boring person and he says he can change that starting with a tour by her to show him all of Salem's hot spots.

Nick comes in and introduces himself and Chelsea asks him to join them. Chelsea tells Nick about how the good Doctor got a hospital in Switzerland to go green and Nick says that he has a new process for creating energy from waste. A little later Nick says he wishes he could test one of those new hydrogen cars and Doctor Jonas says he has one in Victor's garage. He then notices Chelsea looking awkward and asks if she is feeling alright. Nick says she looks feverish and she insists that she is fine and just drinking hot beverages and wearing too many layers and will be fine.

Chelsea goes to get more comfortable and Nick says that he clearly cares about her and he says that he cares about all of his patients. To this, Nick asks if he goes on coffee dates with all of his patients and he wonders if Nick is trying to say something - he says that he is. Nick wonders if he's making a move on her and Doctor Jonas assures him that this is not the case. His family goes back a long way with the Kiriakis family.

A little later, Nick asks Chelsea where she sees herself relationship wise in five years and she isn't sure. He says that he sees himself with her and that their relationship is important to him and she comes first. He feels that he doesn't show her that he loves her. Doctor Jonas comes back and says he has to go but he should keep his eye on her.

Sami and EJ go to meet up with Mickey - they have to keep up appearances, he says. Sami squirms as they do this and it's less than comfortable. Sami gets annoyed when Maggie suggests that they are fated to be together. EJ says that they should stay together for their son's sake. She tells him that he can be in Johnny's life as long as they want, even after Lucas comes back. She admits that she misses Lucas a lot. EJ says that while Lucas made a mistake in shooting him but he has forgiven him.

Philip tells someone called Jake that he has one week to find Brady. Chloe comes out and complains that he has been missing for such a long time. Philip wonders if something else is going on and Chloe says that the Austrian consulate contacted her directly. Philip says he will fix things and she says that they have to be prepared for her going to prison for life - and who knows what may have happened to Brady. This is just when Nicole walks in and asks what they are discussing.

Nicole asks if there's anything she can do and Chloe tells her to go back to where she came from. Chloe excuses herself and Philip says that he needs to discuss something with her. She agrees, given one condition. She wants the discussion to be over a nice dinner, such as Chez Rouge. Philip goes to get his car and Nicole calls information for the Austrian Consulate's phone number.

Nicole and Philip walk into Chez Rouge and Nicole immediately spots Sami sitting with EJ. She walks over to their table and says she hopes she is not interrupting. She quickly drags over a chair and congratulates her on the twins. Nicole asks who EJ is and he says that he is Sami's husband. After some more robbling between Nicole and Sami, Philip pulls her away as their table is ready. EJ asks Sami to tell him more about Nicole. She says she wouldn't know where to begin. She is married to Victor, at one point tried to have him killed just wonderful.

Philip tells Nicole that she has upset his father and he doesn't like it when his father is upset. She says she wants her husband to be happy and he says that she really is crazy. They discuss the Jan Spears thing and she says it's a misunderstanding and Jan would agree were she not in a coma. She goes over to EJ and asks him this serious question : if your husband is declared legally dead but it turns out that he is not, are you still married to him?

Chloe finds herself alone in the mansion and answers the phone - the person asks for her and then hangs up. A little later, she answers the door and comes face to face with members of the Austrian Consulate.

Marlena asks her assistant to clear her schedule when John walks in and says he wants to give her what she wants - him. He says he will give her the old John, so she should just give it her best shot. They will have to address a few issues - such as the fact that the old John no longer exists. He says that she has to be convinced that the New John is here to stay - she should hypnotize him as it's the only way to turn him back to the old John. If it works, she will get what she wants and otherwise, she will know that the New John is for good.

Marlena asks him how he feels about what Stefano did and he says that it makes him angry. She asks what he would say to Stefano if he were there and he says that he would say that karma is a bitch - Stefano is now in a catatonic coma and he is the sole heir to the DiMera fortune. They agree to go ahead with the hypnosis.

Marlena asks him what his earliest memory is. He says he remembers cold and steel, along with a doctor - Rolf. He feels pain and she asks him to try to remember a place that makes him happy. He says that it's his new home, which is a mansion. She says she will tell him some stories so we have some flashbacks including one where he proposes and on their honeymoon. I do miss old John. She does, too. She asks him to think hard and to remember something for her - she asks if he remembers any of the memories and he says it's all a black tunnel.

Marlena takes him out of hypnosis and he asks how it went. She says that he didn't remember his old life. He asks what this means and she says she will give him what he wants - he can live his life as he chooses and she won't interfere. He tells her that at least now she knows the truth - and he's not all bad, as she will see. He leaves and she tells the empty room that their love still exists. Outside, John very loudly zips up his coat and tells the empty reception room that she will accept him as he is. Oh boy.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 9, 2008 7:06 PM
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