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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Chelsea Gets Bad News

Oh, boy. This is one long episode. I mean, it's just as long as any other episode of Days of our Lives - which, by the way, is about thirty seven minutes according to itunes - which, by the way, means that there are twenty-three minutes of commercials, bordering on "half" and that is scary. It feels just a bit longer than it should. I'm going to try to summarize it to the best of my ability.

Sami and EJ have a long and weird conversation about Allie and Johnny. They discuss which of their children is the less mature and then EJ tells Sami that they have to fall in love that evening so that they can pass the immigration test. It's not quite like cheating on the SAT but it sounds an awful lot like it.

Ava is at the police station getting questioned when suddenly she has a bit of what seems like a seizure. Roman tries to help her but to no avail.

Chloe and Nicole talk about Brady and how he is in Switzerland at a rehab clinic and Nicole basically pins it on Chloe - it's clearly her fault that he became addicted to drugs to begin with.

Tom tells Stephanie that he will kill her. Oh no! Here comes a week long hostage situation. Actually, DOOL really surprised me here. It's not long at all before Max shows up and tells him to put down the knife since the police is on the way and he obviously won't really stab her since he would have done it already. Max saves Stephanie, hooray!

Chelsea is in the hospital and doesn't feel so great. Doctor Jonas tells everyone that there is some pretty bad news and proceeds to take the entire episode to put off telling us. After yet another distraction - Ava is brought into the hospital - Doctor Jonas tells her that her fallopian tubes were damaged so she will never be able to have children.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on April 28, 2008 8:16 PM
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