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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: Near Escape by Hope

EJ pays Sami a visit which turns out to be more than Sami was anticipated as he tells her that he has absolutely marvelous news. The news turns out that they are going to work out the problems with the INS (which, as we all know, should not even exist - the problems, not the INS). The thing is that they have to prove that they are married in more than name. He asks her to lie through her teeth, basically, to prove it.

All she has to do, he says, is love him. Oh, is that all? How astonishingly simple. Why didn't he say so earlier? They go to Chez Rouge where they meet up with an INS agent. Even though they are quite loving toward one another it seems that it is not going so great. When the agent steps away, Maggie approaches and says she might have a solution.

Nick comes to see Chelsea and a nurse tells him not to get her too excited. No parcheezi for them, I guess. He says that he has some tremendous news that he will share when Max and Stephanie get there. Soon they are there and he says that he got renewable energy grants - hooray! Max looks upset and soon leaves after congratulating him.

Crazy Ava and Hope talk about what will happen when Patch shows up. She also defends what she did to the Black plane - or rather, what she had her goons do to it. It was supposed to have a happily ever after at the end but it did not. Instead, Shawn Senior passed away - he was a good man and should not have died like that.

Max goes to the Shawn Senior's grave where he tells the stone that Nick got the grant he wanted. (The one Max was trying to steal? How good of him.) Soon Ava is there, laying flowers on the grave and asking all kinds of questions about Shawn Senior.

Hope tries to escape but an alarm goes off and she is caught. Alas.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 31, 2008 4:37 PM
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