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Days of Our Lives Fodder

Days of Our Lives: EJ and Sami Weirdly Flirt

Bo is back to the hospital where Lexie takes care of him. Let's hope he makes it. They discuss Doctor Jonas and how awesome he is.

Sami and EJ have lunch and discuss the immigration problem. He gives her a hard time about the way she treats her french fries (or chips, if you prefer that) and she is grossed out that he is using vinegar for his own. I have to agree with EJ - if she doesn't like tomatoes, why does she like ketchup? My guess would be because of the cone syrup. I call it cone syrup and not corn syrup because if you use enough of it your weight expands conically outwards.

Naturally all the fun comes to an end when a man from immigration comes in. They have a lengthy discussion which I will sum up by saying that the man says that EJ doesn't have a prayer of staying in the country and he somehow thinks that Sam did a great job of defending him.

Chelsea and Hope talk about Bo on the docks. That's just the perfect place to have a heart to heart. They talk about the new doctor just in time for him to be lurking in the background. Again, why do so many people hang out at the docks?

Ava thinks about her past with Patch and then talks to the photograph of Hope, who she still thinks is Kayla. She promises her that she will lose him. She argues with her bodyguards who apparently are not to let her out. One of them, called Eddie, tells her that he may have a way to help her.

Patch and Abe talk about the plane crash in Greenland and how he knows that it was Ava but can't possibly prove it. Kayla comes in at some point and wants to know what they are really talking about.

-- Gordon Davidescu

Posted by Gordon on March 6, 2008 2:51 PM
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